TMZ Sports Releases A Goosebump Worthy Promo For UFC 207

With just 23 days left until UFC 207 it was only a matter of time the epic promos would start rolling out.

UFC 207 will mark the first time Amanda Nunes looks to defend her woman’s bantamweight title. It also marks the anticipated return of Ronda Rousey, someone we haven’t seen in the octagon in over a year.

It’s been a crazy year to say the least for the women’s bantamweight division in the UFC since Rousey lost the title last November we’ve seen it change hands two more times (Tate and Nunes). Rousey successfully defended her title six times before eventually dropping it to Holy Holm.

There has only  been four women bantamweight champions in the UFC thus far. All with the exception of Rousey lost it in their first defense. The Lionness looks to break that pattern but the question remains can she get it done?

Rousey has kept a pretty low radar leading up to her return but this promo sure does give the impression that she is ready. You can’t tell us this doesn’t give you chills. Check it out here

The fight goes down live in Las Vegas at the T-Mobil arena in Las Vegas NV on Friday December 30th. Will you be watching? Let us know in the comments below

Missouri Athletic Commission Overturns Evinger VS Kunitskaya Bout 

If you’re a Tonya Evinger or a member of TeamFilthy then today’s a good day for you. If you’re however Yana Kunitskaya or anybody in her team not so much.

On November 18th InvictaFC hosted their 20th event. It was a stacked card with what should’ve been a stellar main event for the bamtamweight title. It was however tarnished when it ended it a controversial way.

If you watched the fight you would know that it ended at 1:58 of the first round when Kunitskaya applied an armbar to Evinger getting the submission victory.
However Evinger appealed the decision of the bout earlier this month due to misinterpretation of the rules by referee Mike England. The defending champion used a perfectly legal defense of the armbar by pushing her foot on the face of Kunitskaya to gain leverage for an escape. This was deemed illegal by the referee and in forcing her to move Kunitskaya was able to sink the amber in deeper.

The only way the defense by Evinger would’ve been illegal is if she would’ve striked Kunitskaya with her foot while she was down but at no point did that happen.
So what does this all mean? Well now that the bout has been overturned  Evinger is still the champion and further more her five year undefeated streak is still intact. Here’s what she had to say about the situation.
It is no surprise that this decision is already receiving some backlash. What do you guys think was the right call made? Let us know. One can only assume it’s a matter of time before we see Evinger and Kunitskaya squaring off again.?

Yana Kunitskaya upsets Tonya Evinger at InvictaFC20 but not without controversy

Many MMA fans were left speechless Friday night (November 18th,2016) as a relatively unknown Yana Kunitskaya submitted Tonya Evinger in the first round of the main event of InvictaFC20

Prior to this bout Evinger had been on a 10 fight winning streak, she hadn’t lost in five years and was invicta’s longest reigning Batemweight  champion.

So to say Kunitskaya  win was an upset would be the understatement of the century. 

Kuntitskaya stopped the former champion via standing armbar in the very first round. The win though is laced with controversy and here’s why.

While in the submission Evinger proceeded to step on Kuitskaya’s face in attempt to break free from the submission. Although not an illegal move referee Mike England made Evinger switch positions despite the fact that she was actively defending. 
The feeling is that once  Evinger was forced to switch positions this gave Kunitskaya the leverage she needed to cinch in the submission leaving Evinger no choice but to tap.

Evinger’s manager Jerod David Phillips and head coach Aaron Pena both stated that they will be challenging the referee’s call in hopes that Evinger will get an immediate rematch. It should be noted that Evinger used the very same technique in 2013 against Sarah D’alelio and it was never stopped.

Earlier in the night Mike England was criticized of making a bad call by stopping the fury in the Alexa Conners vs Stephanie Eggers fight to reset the mouthpiece of Eggers. Typically things like that should be done when action is at a stand still. Although Conners walked away with the split decision win, it’s believed she would’ve got the TKO victory had it not been for the mishap.

Regardless of what you feel about the main event though one thing is for sure. We have a new Batemweight champion in invicta and her name is Yana Kunitskaya.

Let us here your thoughts. Was Kunitskaya’s win a fluke? Should Evinger get an  immediate rematch? Was it just a bad call by the referee or was everything justified. Weigh in on the comment section below.

First Look: UFC207 Nunes VS Rousey 

Tomorrow  (November 14th, 2016) will mark the year anniversary the world of MMA saw something many thought we would never see. Previously undefeated Ronda Rousey (at the time was 12-0) was defeated by Holy Holm in a second round knock out.

After that loss many wondered would Rousey ever come back and more importantly what’s next for the women’s bantamweight division?

Since Rousey’s absence  the title has changed hands two times. Newly retired Miesha Tate defeated then champion Holy Holm via submission by rear naked choke in the 5th round at UFC197

Just four months later Amanda Nunes defeated Tate in a first round submission at UFC200.

Now we have the very first look at the main event of UFC207 Nunes VS Rousey and it’s awesome. No matter how you feel about Rousey there’s no denying this is an anticipated return. Is her time up? Will the Lioness remain supreme? Or will Rowdy achieve the ultimate comeback story and once again be on top of the mountain? Only time will tell but one thing is for sure. We’re excited about it.

Nunes (13-4) vs Rousey (12-1) will be the main event and  is set to take place on December 30th 2016 live from the T Mobil arena in Las Vegas. The co main event will see Dominic Cruz defending his bantamweight title against Cody Garbrandt 

Miesha “Cupcake” Tate Announces Retirement 

In what was a historic night at Madison Square Garden UFC205 is an event that people will be talking about for quite sometime.

It was a night where we saw successful title defenses from both Joanna Jedrzejczyk and Tyron Woodley, Conor McGregor made history by becoming the UFC’s very first two division champion.

November 12th, 2016 was also the night we saw one of the greatest in women’s mixed martial arts take her final bow. The former Bantamweight champion Miesha “Cupcake” Tate announced in her post fight interview that she is retiring.

Last night she lost to Raquel Pennington via unanimous decision. When asked if the retirement was brought on by the result she replied with

Yes I tried but I couldn’t pull it out of me. I just don’t have it in me anymore

Tate couched Pennington on The Ultimate Fighter season 18 and after the fight the teacher and student shared a beautiful moment.
Whether or not you’re a fan of Miesha Tate there’s no denying the contributions she brought to the world of WMMA. A former Strikeforce and UFC champion with a record of (18-6) cupcake or as the old school fans know her “Takedown” deserves respect.
Thank you Meisha. The Octagon will miss you.

John Cena and Nikki Bella bring relationship goals to new Heights this Halloween 

If you’re a follower of Total Divas and or Total Bella’s you know that there’s no doubt that Nikki Bella and John Cena have lots of love for each other.

Today on Halloween, however,  they took their love to a whole other level and we must say its awesome. No Cena hasn’t proposed to Nikki yet but we can only hope.

Seriously though these two are goals! Especially when it comes to their couples costumes. As seen in the video John Cena dresses as Nikki Bella and the entrance is spot on. It doesn’t stop there though because Nikki Bella also does her best John Cena impression and she nailed it.

You guys have to check this video out! It’s gold. Have a safe and happy Halloween everyone.

Billy Corgan declares He’s In Negotiations To Buy TNA

Some news coming out of  Billy Corgan who is currently the president of TNA took to his official Facebook posting a video, at the 3:50 mark the rock legend discusses the on going rumors of him buying the company. He says

“The source that’s behind this particular story is also the source that once said I couldn’t afford to buy the company [TNA]. Which is pretty funny, because I’m actively engaged now in trying to buy the company. I’m not saying I will buy the company. I’m saying I’m trying to buy the company.”

Corgan hopes to build the company from the buttom up and not just in creative. Do you find this news surprising? Let us know in the comments below.