Vickie Guerrero Shares Emotional Moment With Sasha Banks at the Royal Rumble

We’re one week removed from a very historic Royal Rumble and the emotions are still very high. The WWE’s official YouTube channel has been posting backstage candid interviews with the participants of the very first women’s royal rumble And one in particular definitely pulled on our Heartstrings.

The video features the boss Sasha Banks and Vickie Guerrero as they reflect on how the late great Eddie Guerrero still affects them even after all these years.

From the start, the boss is seen to be very emotional and same goes for Vickie Sasha tells the story of how from the moment she saw Eddie Guerrero wrestle she knew this is what she wanted to do. Then Vickie goes on to talk about how appreciative she and her family is of Sasha for keeping Eddie’s memory alive. It really is a full circle moment and we recommended anyone who hasn’t seen it please watch, and make sure you have a box of tissues because you’ll need it.