Becky Lynch Continues to Have a Profound Impact in WWE

When The Man comes around she draws crowds!

Today ahead of the pay-per-view Elimination Chamber Cricket Wireless in Houston Texas held a meet-and-greet for The Man Becky Lynch.
And despite Becky not even being booked for tonight’s pay-per-view that didn’t stop fans from coming out in full force just to catch a glimpse of The Man.

According to fans in attendance it was reported that the line started forming a whole day before Becky’s scheduled meet and greet at 10 a.m. the line even wrapped around the entire building see here

Now keep in mind this wasn’t a movie premiere, this wasn’t a video game release, this wasn’t a new phone release, this wasn’t even a wrestling event… it was a Meet and Greet for ONE SINGLE PERSON, one single person drew crowds of hundreds upon hundreds of people. If that’s not being “over” than we don’t know what is.

Fans in attendance even said that Becky Lynch went well over her scheduled time of two hours just so she could meet and interact with more fans up until the point where she was all but forced to leave.. Here are some of many videos referencing that very claim

Today was indeed a very moving day for The Man, but if you asked her what her one regret was it would be this.

If nothing else this just proves how truly special Becky Lynch is. We here at Wrestling News Blog have been watching professional wrestling for a very long time and we can’t recall a time where a superstar has had this much impact.

This is why we truly do believe that Becky Lynch should be the one coming out of WrestleMania Victorious. Any other result is a slap to the fans faces.

We beg of you don’t mess this one up because The Man truly is one of a kind and she deserves nothing but the best.