Amanda Nunes Makes History at UFC 232


Over the years there has been much dispute over who the greatest of all time is when it comes to women’s MMA. Tonight I think the world finally got their answer. The GOAT is indeed a Lioness. At UFC 232 Amanda Nunes made history by becoming the first woman to be a two-division champion. Furthermore, she did something that NO OTHER woman was able to do, knock out Cris Cyborg. In her post-fight interview, the lioness said she believes she’s a future UFC Hall of Famer, and after a first-round TKO over Ronda Rousey and now a first-round KO to Cyborg who in their right mind can argue that? It’ll be interesting to see how this changes the complexity of not only the bantamweight division but the featherweight division as well. Nothing is for certain but no matter what we’re excited On behalf of everyone here at wrestling news blog we would like to extend our congratulations to Amanda Nunes. It is well deserved