Shayna Baszler (Backstage fallout NXTTakeover New Orleans)

Time and time again NXTTakeover deliveries and tonight was no different. From opening bell to the very last NXTNewOrleans had something special.

One of the moments that was near and dear to our heart, was when Shayna Baszler captured the NXT Women’s title from Ember Moon by putting her to sleep.

The hesrtfelt moment continued after the match in Baszler’s post interview.

This is not a bandwagon, this is a war wagon. You can’t just jump on and off based on who has this. I know who was there for with me in the beginning and who wasn’t.

In the interview she also talks about what it means to be sharing this weekend with her friend Ronda Rousey. One thing for sure is this weekend truly is a special one for the 4Horsewomen

You can check out Shayna’s interview down below