Paige And Alberto Del Rio Getting Married Soon

Paige and Alberto Del Rio are scheduled to be married in May, schedule permitting, according to The Observer. No word yet on if this will be filmed for WWE’s Total Divas. Paige proposed to Del Rio in the ring at an indie event in Puerto Rico last October but later received a ring from him in January of this year.

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Alberto Del Rio Reportedly Arrested After Club Brawl In Austria, Fights Brother At Police Station

Alberto Del Rio was arrested in Austria on Friday, December 30th, according to Austrian news website KRONE and other local media outlets.

Following an indie show in Leoben, Austria, Del Rio and his brother El Hijo del Dos Cara were reportedly involved in a brawl at a local nightclub.

Del Rio was obviously released from police custody as he was visiting RAW in Tampa with girlfriend Paige today but the incident led to Del Rio leaving the country 24 hours later than planned. Paige was not with him in Austria.

After the fight at the club, the man they fought reportedly went to the hospital while Del Rio and his brother were taken to the local police precinct. The two then got into a fist fight with each other while at the precinct, apparently because Del Rio was trying to calm his brother down. Del Rio’s brother is reportedly still hospitalized in Austria. It was also noted that police at the precinct had to use ankle shackles to restrain Del Rio after he destroyed the ties that were originally used to restrain his arms. Apparently the brawl between the two brothers left the walls bloody.

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Alberto Del Rio In Another Backstage Fight

Alberto Del Rio was reportedly involved in a backstage fight at Arena Naucalpan in Mexico this weekend, according to @Luchablog. Del Rio and Paige were in attendance for an IWRG show, likely to watch his brother wrestle in the main event.

While backstage, local lucha star Alan Xtreme (Rafy of Ninja Turtles) was nearby and while what happened next isn’t clear, it’s believed Del Rio thought Alan touched him or touched Paige. The two started hitting each other and a brawl broke out, spilling over into a hallway that connects the locker room to a fan entrance way. Many fans witnessed what happened. No word yet on Del Rio’s status after the fight but Alan’s face was said to be marked up. Luchaworld reports that Alan is in bad shape but stable condition.

Luchablog also reported that Paige and Del Rio were seen drinking before the fight.

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Paige Proposed To Alberto Del Rio At Wrestling Show, Paige’s Father Against It

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Suspended WWE wrestler Paige proposed to her boyfriend Alberto Del Rio Sunday night inside of the squared circle … then talked about the surprise engagement with a local reporter.

Del Rio wrestled tonight against Carlito in Puerto Rico for WWC and Paige hit the ring moments afterward to drop on one knee and ask for ADR’s hand in marriage.

Paige spoke with Pico’s Reviews afterward and said she felt good after popping the question — mainly because it would have been embarrassing if he had said “no” in front of a bunch of people.

Alberto is still in the process of going through a divorce.

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Paige’s father posted on Facebook that he is totally against his daughter marrying Alberto:

Alberto El Patron Teases ROH & TNA Appearances

During a recent interview with ESPN, Alberto El Patron (Alberto Del Rio) teased some appearances for both ROH and TNA. Here is what he had to say…

“I already talked to my friends from Ring of Honor, and I’m a big fan of that company and their talent. I had a blast a few years ago, and I’m going to have fun with all those guys again pretty soon, as well as doing something with my friends in TNA, especially because my friend Drew McIntyre [Galloway] works for them. I have other friends like Damien [Sandow, a.k.a Aron Rex] and Cody Rhodes. I’m just looking forward to doing an appearance with them pretty soon.”

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Paige Reportedly With Alberto Del Rio During Stabbing Attack

There’s a lot of speculation on the alleged Alberto Del Rio stabbing incident over the weekend in San Antonio, Texas. As noted via MLW Radio, Del Rio was stabbed several times by a man on Saturday after the man hit Del Rio’s car with his own car by accident. The two drivers exited their vehicles and had words, leading to the man pulling a knife. Del Rio reportedly turned to leave, as he had to catch a flight to Mexico for Sunday’s AAA show that he missed, but the man slashed him from behind. They ended up on the ground and Del Rio got the knife away from the man but he fled in his vehicle. Reports from Del Rio and MLW Radio were that witnesses saw the attack and got the man’s license plate, police were called and a report was filed.

According to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio and Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet, the San Antonio Police have no record of the alleged attack involving a high-profile celebrity. Meltzer says the local police aren’t saying the incident did not happen but they apparently don’t know about it.

Another interesting twist to the story is Del Rio’s girlfriend Paige. The report from MLW Radio did not mention the injured WWE Superstar being there but one account Del Rio gave Mexican media did. Meltzer was also relayed a story that mentioned Paige being there. Word is that while Del Rio and the man went to the ground with the man still stabbing Del Rio, she got involved and was thrown by the suspect. Del Rio went to check on her and that is when the man got away in his own car.

Paige being there also raises suspicion on Del Rio’s claim that he could not contact AAA until Monday morning because he lost his phone during the incident as Paige was with him and would have had a phone to use to at least start the process of notifying AAA.

More Info on Alberto Del Rio Stabbing Attack

As noted, Alberto El Patron (Alberto Del Rio) missed Sunday night’s AAA Heroes Inmortales X event in Mexico City and later revealed that he was attacked by a “criminal” outside of a restaurant, revealing stab wounds in an Instagram post. You can see the graphic photos below. AAA put out a statement on Sunday, saying the former WWE Champion had failed the Mexican public.

According to MLW Radio, AAA was unable to communicate with Del Rio as he lost his phone after the attack in San Antonio. Del Rio made contact on Monday morning, then the company apologized and are backing him now. Their relationship is still in good standing. Del Rio actually wanted to try and make the show by chartering a flight but was talked out of it as he was still hospitalized.

The incident happened in San Antonio, Texas before Del Rio was to fly out for the AAA event on Saturday night. A confrontation took place when the driver of a car hit Del Rio’s car. The driver and Del Rio both exited their cars and had words. The driver pulled a knife and Del Rio went to walk away as he had to get to the airport but he was attacked from behind and slashed with the knife. Del Rio turned around and the man tried to slash his face but Del Rio was able to move to the side, still catching a slash to the side of his head.

Del Rio took the man down but while taking him down, the man continued to fight, slash and stab at Del Rio’s arm. He eventually got the knife from the man but the suspect got away in his car. There were witnesses and they did get his license plate but there’s no word yet on if he’s been arrested. Police came and a report was filed. Del Rio went to the hospital to get stitches as he lost a lot of blood but is he said to be alright.

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