NJPW – ROH 2017 Honor Rising Cards 2/26 and 2/27

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On February 26th and 27th, New Japan Pro Wrestling and Ring of Honor will join together for Honor Rising. Both shows can be watched live on NJPW World (subscription is about $9 a month, please note that you will be charged once you sign up and again on the 1st, as that’s when NJPW charges all of their current subscribers) and both start at 4:30am EST. NJPW confirmed each show will also have English Commentary with Kevin Kelly and Rocky Romero calling the action. Here are the full cards:

Honor Rising Night 1 – February 26th

* Kenny Omega & Adam Cole vs. The Briscoes

* Hiroshi Tanahashi, Ryusuke Taguchi & Dalton Castle vs. Tetsuya Naito, Hiromu Takahashi & Punisher Martinez

* The Young Bucks vs. War Machine

* Cody Rhodes & Hangman Page vs. Jay Lethal & Katsuyori Shibata

* Kazuchika Okada, Will Ospreay, Yoshi-Hashi & Hirooki Goto vs. Tama Tonga, Tanga Loa, Yujiro Takahashi & Bad Luck Fale

NEVER Openweight 6-Man Tag Team Championship: (C) Sanada, Bushi & Evil

* Kushida, David Finlay & Juice Robinson vs. Silas Young, Jado & Gedo


Honor Rising Night 2 – February 27th

* Kenny Omega, Cody Rhodes & The Young Bucks vs. Kazuchika Okada, Will Ospreay & The Briscoes

* ROH World Championship: (C) Adam Cole vs. Yoshi-Hashi

* NEVER Openweight Championship: (C) Hirooki Goto vs. Punisher Martinez

* Hiroshi Tanahashi, Jay Lethal & Juice Robinson vs. Yujiro Takahashi, Hangman Page & Bad Luck Fale

* War Machine vs. Guerrillas of Destiny

* Jushin Thunder Liger, Dalton Castle, Tiger Mask, Ryusuke Taguchi & Delirious vs. Hiromu Takahashi, Tetsuya Naito, Bushi, Evil & Sanada

* Kushida & David Finlay vs. Jado & Silas Young

AAA Legally Threatens Company For Booking Pentagon Jr. And Fenix … Indie Fed Fights Back

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Lawyers for AAA threatened to sue a company who booked Pentagon Jr. and Fenix on an upcoming show … but the fed isn’t run by dummies, and they fought back with a legal letter.

Lucha Libre FMV — the joint company run by AAA and Lucha Underground — sent a message through lawyers to PCW in Los Angeles earlier this month which states they are “the legitimate owner of the intellectual property related to the name, characteristics, characters and designs of ‘FENIX’, ‘REY FENIX’, ‘PENTAGON Jr.’ and ‘PENTA 0M’, among other trademarks.”

As we previously reported, LL FMV filed for a trademark on Pentagon’s new name one-week after he announced it at a Crash show in Tijuana.

The letter continues, “At the light of the above, we are sending you this communication requesting you to cease and refrain from the unauthorized and misuse of the intellectual property.” Adding, “And also please avoid to hire any person that uses such intellectual property or any other confusingly similar” … otherwise they may exercise legal action.

PCW, however, didn’t take kindly to what seems to be a pretty petty move on FMV’s part.

They fired back with a letter this week that says, “While we thank you for your concern with making sure that we are not going to use the names of performers or characters legally owned by your client, we can assure you that we are only promoting performers by names that either the performers control themselves or which no entity controls as of this date.”

The company goes on to point out that Rey Fenix filed his trademark for the name last year, long before FMV, and they have reason to believe it will get approved. As for Pentagon, they’re confident the company’s trademark attempt will be denied after he fights it in court.

PCW also mentions promotional materials don’t refer to either wrestler as Fenix or Pentagon Jr.

The initial letter and scathing response can both be found by CLICKING HERE.

Source: Pro Wrestling Sheet

Jeff Jarrett & Anthem Officials In The UK

Jeff Jarrett and officials from Anthem Entertainment are in the UK this week for business meetings related to the Impact Wrestling product. Jarrett indicated on Twitter that he was also going for Global Force Wrestling (GFW) business.

Source: WrestlingINC

Kurt Angle Reportedly Wrestling For WWE

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that there are plans for Kurt Angle to do at least some wrestling for WWE in the near future. The 2017 WWE Hall of Famer will be inducted during WrestleMania 33 weekend but there’s no word yet on if he will get into the ring that weekend. The Observer notes that Angle still has to pass a physical and would likely be used on a very limited basis.

Angle recently spoke with Forbes and commented on possibly wrestling for WWE:

“I wouldn’t be surprised if I do a few more matches somewhere down the line, but they haven’t talked about it so it’s not official. This Hall of Fame thing is just the beginning, so let’s see how it goes and we’ll go from there.”

Source: WrestlingINC

Vader Sends Out Sad Tweet About His Health

As noted in November, Vader told fans that he had about two years to live due to congestive heart failure. While some of his updates from there on had some promise from other doctor visits, he sent this tweet out yesterday:

Source: WrestlingINC

TNA Impact Wrestling News: Stars Heading to NOAH, Company Returning to Old Soundstage

Pro Wrestling NOAH officially announced James Storm and Eddie Edwards will be joining Moose on March 12th in Yokohama, Japan. Their opponents have not been announced at this time.

For their March TV tapings, TNA will back in the original Impact Zone, soundstage 21. This is the larger sound studio that the company had a full-time lease with years ago.

Source: Pwinsider.com via 411Mania

Rosa Mendes Retiring From WWE To Be A Full-Time Mom

rosa mendes retires retiring retirement wwe wrestling total divas

WWE personality Rosa Mendes is leaving WWE to be a full-time mom, this according to the ex-Total Divas star on social media.

Mendes posted a lengthy Instagram update saying, “Today is Jordan’s first birthday and it’s also the day that I am announcing my retirement from the WWE. As I write these words I have tears in my eyes because of the love I have for my WWE family, and especially for the WWE universe.”

She adds, “For the last 10 years, WWE was my life, my world and my family. I was Rosa Mendes. Now I am Milena Roucka, Jordan’s mother, a soon to be wife and a hard working entrepreneur.”

The 37-year-old thanked a handful of people who helped her in WWE — including Natalya and Vince McMahon — then teased a future project in entertainment.

Source: Pro Wrestling Sheet

Read the full 2-part Instagram post below:

Today is Jordan's first birthday and it's also the day that I am announcing my retirement from the WWE.  As I write these words I have tears in my eyes because of the love I have for my WWE family, and especially for the WWE universe. For the last 10 years, WWE was my life, my world and my family. I was Rosa Mendes. Now I am Milena Roucka, Jordan's mother, a soon to be wife and a hard working entrepreneur.  For years I have been fortunate to put smiles on people's faces worldwide, performed for hundreds of thousands of fans and lived off of the adrenaline from the WWE audience. Today, I have this beautiful baby girl, @realjordanschubenski, who looks at me with so much love, the purest of love. There's nothing in this world I wouldn't do for her. I'm with the man of my dreams, who supports me and loves me unconditionally, @bobbyschubenski, and  I'm running a successful business, @totallyfitmama with my best friend, @fitmamacourt.  I once dreamed of becoming a WWE Champion. Now my dream is to be the best mother I can be, to make the man I love happy and proud, and to really change people's lives with @totallyfitmama.  I have finally found happiness but it took years and many tears to find the life I have now.  It took courage and strength to make the positive changes that I have made to get to where I am.  I know in my heart that everyone can find happiness the way I did.  I finally took care of myself which gave me the strength to take care of the people I love the most.  @bobbyschubenski you are my love, my inspiration. Thank you for giving me the strength to be the best woman I can be.  @chantic, thank you for always being there for me. You're more than just my sister, you're my other half. Mom and Tata, thank you for listening and giving me the best advice. You were always there 24/7 and I thank you for supporting me throughout my career in the WWE, and not telling me to quit when I was hurt or down. Terri and Bob, thank you for being the best future in-laws a woman could ever have.  You have treated me like a daughter from day one and I love you both so much. @renapaulos, we are soul sisters for life➡️ continue to next post

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@natbynature, you made traveling with you an adventure, it never felt like work with you. I miss you so much. Thanks for keeping all of my secrets and being there for me through thick and thin. @jackiepalombo thank you for our long talks and always being such a good loyal friend to me. Rob Macintyre, thank you for helping me find the dedication and commitment I have for taking care of my body and now partnering with us to help our Totally Fit Mama family. My besties from my hometown, Vancouver, @phamiase,@secret_agent_taz,@nikichisani, @murnzi, @sammydsilva, and @emzexo. Love my girls so much and see you soon! My #MendesLuverz and Ebony from Rosa-Mendes.com, thank you for having my back always. @totallyfitmama, running this business together and having it become a lifestyle brand has taught me so much. The passion I have with you, @fitmamacourt, to make a real difference for people, to affect their health and show them they CAN live healthy lives in a fun, easy, and affordable way, has become my labor of love. We have so much in store with our book soon to take Amazon pre-orders (Totally Fit Mama: Out Of The Ring and Into The Kitchen), working to launch our App with our At Home Workout program and so many incredible collaborations happening. Last, but not least, Vince McMahon, thank you for giving me the opportunity to do what I loved for so many years, and the amazing WWE universe. Your support and your love means the world to me.  I love you with every part of my heart. I have not closed the doors to entertainment just yet so you'll be seeing me again very soon.  I love each and every one of you and thank you giving me the opportunity to be part of your lives.

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