Matt Hardy Comments On Jeff Hardy’s Renewed Pro Wrestling Passion

AEW star Matt Hardy recently spoke with the Wrestling Perspective Podcast about how easy it is to get back into the groove with Jeff Hardy. For him, when it comes to teaming up, it is just like riding a bike. He also revealed that Jeff is excited about his future within the wrestling business following his WWE release.

“I’ll be honest, when it comes to myself and Jeff teaming up and being The Hardy Boyz, it’s like riding a bike,” he said. “You just get back on and you just start pedaling and it’s business as usual. That’s one thing that’s really cool, knowing that I have literally been there since this guy was born, you know, his whole life.

“So we really know each other inside and out and it’s going to be fun. You know Jeff’s excitement and passion for wrestling have been so renewed now that he has this new horizon in front of him. I’m very excited about that.”

Matt Hardy also provided a tease about the future of The Hardy Boyz as a tag team. Without giving away any official details, he did claim that 2022 will be good for both him and his brother.

“Without going too much into detail, I am very excited to where 2022 is going to take The Hardy Boyz,” he said. “I feel like it’s going to be a great year for both Matt and Jeff.”

While there have been rumors of Jeff joining Matt in AEW, their first official match has already been announced. The Hardy Boyz will be getting back into the ring on March 12, 2022, for Big Time Wrestling. Additional dates are set to be announced soon, but that has yet to happen.

Source: Wrestling Inc. with credit to Wrestling Perspective Podcast 

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