WWE Has Released Jeff Hardy

His release comes after the wrestler was sent home from a live event at the weekend.

WWE has been having something of a spring clean when it comes to its contracts in 2021. The thing is, the company’s spring clean season has lasted pretty much the entire year. More than 70 wrestlers have been shown the door already this year, and it seems one more name can now be added to that list.

As first reported by Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp, WWE has apparently come to terms on the release of Jeff Hardy. Sapp followed up on the tweet breaking the news with another saying Hardy was offered help and rehab by WWE, but the former World Champion turned down the offer. That resulted in the two parties seemingly agreeing to end his current deal with the company.

Hardy’s release comes less than a week after the veteran was sent home from a WWE live event over the weekend. Footage of Hardy leaving the ring mid-match during Saturday’s main event in Edinburg, Texas has surfaced online. The released star exits through the crowd and was replaced by Rey Mysterio in the main event the following night in Corpus Christi.

No further information on why Hardy was sent home or how he’s doing was shared by WWE or the wrestler after he was sent home. However, Jeff’s brother Matt Hardy, who is currently contracted to AEW, let fans know earlier this week that Jeff is doing well. Matt added that he didn’t want to share anything more, saying that it was up to Jeff if he wanted fans to know anything else about how he was doing or the details surrounding why he was sent home by WWE.

The hope among fans was that Jeff had suffered an injury or a knock of some sort and WWE had sent him home so that he could rest up and recover. The note that Jeff was offered help and rehab by WWE but turned it down suggests the actual reason was the wrestler’s demons when it comes to his addiction continue to haunt him. Even though he turned down help from WWE, hopefully he will seek it out away from the company and has left so he can recover for good this time. Our best wishes go out to Jeff and his family.

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  1. […] As noted, it was revealed on Thursday that Hardy was released from his WWE contract. The company reportedly offered him help and rehab, but he turned them down, and was then released. Hardy’s departure came after the incident at last Saturday’s WWE live event in Edinburg, TX. Hardy was sent home after the Edinburg show, and replaced by Rey Mysterio the next night in Corpus Christi. […]

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