Danhausen Signs With AEW, Debuts At Dynamite Beach Break

Former Ring Of Honor star Danhausen is officially ALL ELITE!

After months of teases, Danhausen is officially ALL ELITE! The former Ring Of Honor star made his AEW debut last night at Dynamite Beach Break and was confirmed as an official member of the roster shortly afterward by Tony Khan.

It all went down at the Wolstein Center in Cleveland, Ohio on Wednesday, January 26 for AEW’s third annual Beach Break-themed edition of its weekly flagship show on TBS. During the Lights Out main event between Adam Cole and Orange Cassidy, Cole tried to pull a steel chair out from underneath the ring … but there was no chair, only a very evil man by the name of Danhausen. Danhausen emerged from under the ring and pointed at Cole, who was visibly baffled. AEW’s newest acquisition then hobbled up the ramp and disappeared.

If you’re unfamiliar with his work, Danhausen is a spooky-looking guy with demonic face paint and an extravagant cape who walks around carrying either a cartoonish sack of “human money” or a regular jar filled with human teeth — or both! Danhausen speaks in an exaggerated high-pitched voice which sounds like a cross between Mark Hammil’s Joker and Conan O’Brien, from whom the artist behind Danhausen admits to drawing inspiration.

Danhausen’s addition means that CM Punk is no longer the only man on the AEW roster who uses the GTS as a finisher. Danhausen adopted the move for himself, but not before asking both Punk (and KENTA’s) permission.

So as Danhausen saw it, CM Punk, wonderful fellow, gave Danhausen the GTS as his finisher. Then Kenta got a little angry at him, but then said he doesn’t care who uses it besides CM Punk,” Danhausen said on an episode of Renee Paquette’s Oral Session’s Podcast. “So Danhausen got two blessings as far as he can see it, CM Punk and Kentahausen… Even named it Very Nice, Very Kneevil.”

Source: TheSportster