CM Punk Crashes Indie Show Under A Mask

Ring of Honor star and Founder of MKE Wrestling Silas Young commented about the MKE Wrestling event The Last Knight in West Allis, Wisconsin on Friday night, where a masked individual did a run-in during the show.

Young wrote, “Last night we held @MKE_Wrestling at the Knights of Columbus building in West Allis the place was packed with 350 people. This place has had 25+ years of wrestling and is the place a lot of guys started. Guys like @ColtCabana as well as a Punk who showed up in a mask last night.”

It’s being speculated that the masked man was CM Punk himself, who hit a GTS on one of the wrestlers in the ring. Earlier in the day, Punk was also seen wearing the same hoodie, which you can see in the photo below.

Wrestling Inc. has confirmed that it was in fact CM Punk under a mask who appeared at MKE Wrestling’s “The Last Knight” event this past Friday night.

A masked man appeared at the end of the show to help Ace Steele defeat Daryck St Holmes. The masked man, sporting a hoodie that Punk had worn earlier in the day at a BJJ tournament, entered the ring while the referee was down and hit Daryck St Holmes with Punk’s GTS finisher. The masked man then darted out the door and was not seen again.

The last time CM Punk was in a wrestling ring was during the Royal Rumble match at the 2014 Royal Rumble.

Below is Young’s tweet and MKE Wrestling’s clip of the match.

You can see the side by side comparisons of the masked man, and CM Punk, earlier in the day in the embedded tweet below:

Source: Wrestling Inc.

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