Kimber Lee Talks Training At CZW, Accuses Owner DJ Hyde Of Misogynistic Behavior

After decades of shady practices, bad business, and various physical and emotional trauma, professional wrestling has finally started to change for the better. A lot of that has to do with many people adopting the “leaving it better than I found it” mindset. But unfortunately, that wasn’t always the case for female wrestlers, which former WWE and Impact Wrestling star Kimber Lee experienced first-hand during her days in CZW.

While she was known as “The Princess Who Saves Herself,” Lee was fortunate enough to have people to watch her back and save her when she needed it at the very beginning of her career. During an interview with Piers Austin, she recalled her experience as the first female graduate of the Combat Zone Wrestling Academy under the tutelage of Drew Gulak. 

The former WWE Cruiserweight Champion — who also trained a number of wrestlers over the years, including “Stone Cold” Steve Austin ahead of his WrestleMania comeback – put the students through the wringer and Lee emerged with a solid foundation of in-ring ability and cherished memories from that period of time.

However, it was after her graduation from the academy that things began to go downhill. That’s when the alleged inappropriate behavior of CZW promoter DJ Hyde started to become more prominent. Lee confirmed that Hyde would frequently say, as chronicled during the Speaking Out movement, that he wouldn’t hire anyone he wouldn’t have sex with.

“It was something that was said to all of us and it’s terrible,” she said. “At the time, I was a 19-year-old girl that didn’t know how to react to that and I was the only girl. There was no one to stand up for me, so I got very protective of some of the girls that came afterwards.”

Source: Wrestling Inc.