The Elite’s Version Of Events During Backstage Fight Comes To Light

A day after reporting on CM Punk & Ace Steel’s account, Fightful Select has now disclosed details from the other side involved in Sunday’s infamous AEW All Out altercation — Young Bucks and Kenny Omega.

According to sources close to The Elite, Young Bucks did approach CM Punk in his locker room to discuss Punk’s scathing comments during the post-All Out media scrum. However, they did not kick the door open – as claimed by the other side – and simply opened the door to engage Punk in conversation. Before Matt Jackson could utter a solitary word, Punk “had went off and started throwing sucker punches at Matt’s head,” the report added. Once Nick intervened, Ace Steel reportedly interjected himself into the melee, allegedly throwing a chair that struck Nick in the face.

As for Omega’s involvement, Fightful’s sources noted that The Best Bout Machine “was trying to remove Larry (CM Punk’s dog) from the situation to help keep him safe because he was barking and going nuts.” After handing Larry off (presumably to Steel’s wife), Omega would also join the fight, trying to get Steel off of Jackson. This led to Steel biting Omega and pulling his hair, as was previously reported by both Fightful and The Wrestling Observer. 

The only lighthearted aspect of the altercation, per The Elite’s sources, was when someone joked “He got bit,” and someone assumed Punk’s dog bit Omega, only to learn it was allegedly Steel who bit the AEW EVP.

The report further added that “all sides continued shouting” during the altercation, with Punk’s side making legal threats to The Elite. 

According to an earlier report from Sports Illustrated, “the fight went on for around six minutes” before security broke things up.

Punk, Young Bucks, Omega, Steel, Michael Nakazawa, Brandon Culter, and Pat Buck have all been suspended for the altercation. AEW has yet to make an official announcement on the timeline of the suspensions, and there is reportedly an ongoing investigation to get additional details from both sides of the fight. There was no mention of the altercation during Wednesday’s “AEW Dynamite” even as the promotion vacated the titles held by Punk and The Elite. 

Source: Wrestling Inc.