Backstage News On The Division Between Thunder Rosa And The Women In AEW

It was reported in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter that while a lot of people believe she is not hurt, Thunder Rosa really is dealing with a back injury and she stopped wrestling out of fear that she would have to get surgery if he kept going.

Last week on his podcast, Konnan said that Rosa told him that she was dealing with a knee issue and because she told him a different injury, he believed that she wasn’t hurt and what was really happening was that she was being punished by AEW. During the AEW All Out media scrum, Toni Storm seemed to indicate that she believed that Rosa wasn’t really injured. However, it appears that she is not being punished and Meltzer reported in the Observer that the injury is legit.

There were people comparing Rosa to the 1997 version of Shawn Michaels because she informed the company about the injury hours after she was told that she would be losing the Women’s Title to Toni Storm at the pay-per-view. The belief is that Rosa will be out for two to three months and then wrestle Storm in a unification match.

Meltzer also wrote, “There was a lot of division among many of the women and Rosa, basically the ones who made public comments that insinuated her injury wasn’t that bad or those who privately felt due to the timing of her saying her injury was serious and she’d need time off after being told she was dropping the title to Toni Storm.”