Big E Addresses Possibility Of Never Wrestling Again

Big E has been out of action since the March 11 episode of “WWE SmackDown,” and while his future remains unclear, the former WWE Champion is potentially staring down the idea of never wrestling again.

The New Day star broke his neck when taking a belly-to-belly suplex outside the ring from Ridge Holland and landing directly on his head, but admitted to TMZ that he’s “doing really well.” It is a good update from a man whose attitude has been relentlessly positive throughout the entire experience, and he has been able to remove his neck brace. But while Big E is obviously working towards competing in the ring again at some point, there is a chance that will not be a possibility for him. He recently revealed that his C1 is not ossifying (growing bone), and that it’s something that his doctors are going to look at around the one-year mark post-injury.

“I can live my life pretty normally,” Big E said. “But [my neck’s] not in a position where I should be ramming my head against other things, immovable objects. So wrestling doesn’t make sense right now. For me right now, March of next year is very far off. So, I don’t want to spend a lot of time worrying or stressing about that. I’m just kind of living my life.”

Doctors previously told Big E that the consequences from the injury could have been much worse. From that perspective, even if we have seen the last of him in a wrestling ring, he admitted that he’s okay with that, even if it’s not something fans want to hear.

“Honestly, my philosophy as a human being is learning to be content with whatever life brings you. I’m so grateful to not be in a wheelchair, but if I was, I would have to adjust to life in a wheelchair, that’s just how I am programmed,” he said. “If I spend hours or days or weeks kind of mourning where I’m at in life, and not being what I wanted to be, that doesn’t serve me.”

While Big E won’t be stepping back into the ring for the foreseeable future, he’s still available to be used in other ways by WWE, including at WWE SummerSlam weekend later this month. It was recently revealed that Big E will be working on July 27-29 in Nashville at a talent tryout for current and graduated college athletes, where he will be helping to assess the prospects involved.

Source: Wrestling Inc.