Big E Reveals Just How Serious His Neck Break Could Have Been

If things had been even a little different E could have been paralyzed, suffered a stroke, or even died.

A week and a half ago, Big E suffered an incredibly scary injury at the hands of Ridge Holland thanks to a belly-to-belly suplex gone wrong. The former WWE Champion was planted right on his head at ringside, resulting in a broken neck. More specifically fractures of his C1 and C6. E continues to shed more light on the injury as he finds out more about it himself, including how much more serious it could have been.

E shared what could have been after being told during his most recent doctor visit. “Learning I narrowly escaped a stroke, paralysis or death is very sobering,” E revealed. The New Day man explains that the C1 fracture could have caused any of those far more serious consequences.

E didn’t get away scot-free, of course, and while he didn’t lose his life or ability to walk, the extent of his injuries still remains unclear. E was up and walking around his neighborhood just one week after suffering the injury, which is pretty remarkable. As for whether E will ever be able to wrestle again, it will likely be a long time before he, fans, or even his doctors can be certain of that.

The outpouring of love and well wishes from fans and wrestlers alike just goes to show how popular a guy E is. The man himself revealed how overwhelmed he was with the support shortly after the injury, explaining that it assured him he was not alone in his recovery, one that will hopefully end with him returning to the ring. For now, E is focused on healing, and that appears to be going pretty well so far.

It’s assumed the entire reason for the match in which E injured his neck was to set up a match between New Day and Sheamus’s group (Ridge Holland and Butch, formally known as Pete Dunne) at WrestleMania. That match is obviously now off, and as of right now with the card filling up, none of the five Superstars who remain have anything to do over WrestleMania weekend. Well, they’ll be busy, of course, but not with matches on the WrestleMania card, for now. But there are reports that they could sill be involved in a normal 2-man tag team match.

Source: TheSportster