Big E Provides Update On Neck Injury, C1 Not Healing Optimally

Four to six more weeks in a neck brace for the former WWE Champion.

Pro wrestling might be staged, but every time wrestlers compete, they put their bodies and potentially even their lives on the line. We were reminded of that earlier this year when a belly-to-belly suplex gone wrong at ringside resulted in Big E suffering a broken neck. The former WWE Champion has naturally been absent from WWE TV ever since, providing updates on social media.

The latest of those updates came this morning, and while it wasn’t the worst news possible, it also wasn’t good news. E revealed that his C1 isn’t healing optimally, and that means he will be wearing the neck brace he has been sporting ever since suffering the injury for at least four more weeks. “I’ll spend another 4-6 weeks in a brace in hopes that I can avoid a fusion. But don’t you fret! I’ve got a tremendous support system & what shall be shall be,” E tweeted.

Shortly after E suffered the injury, and once the necessary tests had taken place, E revealed what exactly the extent of the damage was. His C1 and C6 had been fractured, but not displaced, which is apparently a good thing. He also hasn’t suffered any damage to his spinal cord or ligaments, so more good news off the bat.

The length of time E will be away from the ring remains unclear. In fact, whether the New Day member will be able to wrestle again at all is still very much up in the air. Wrestlers have come back from neck, back, and spinal injuries, of course. Now so more than ever as Edge is back wrestling, pretty much full-time, and Paige has even been hinting that she will wrestle again after having to retire at 25.

The main thing right now is making sure E heals and that he leads a happy and healthy life. He’s clearly getting the best care possible, and if four more weeks in a neck brace is what’s needed, then that’s what has to happen. He’s an incredibly positive guy who is incredibly well-liked in the locker room. We wish him all the best and hope we see him in a WWE ring again one day.

Source: TheSportster