Backstage News On Tessa Blanchard – WOW

As we’ve noted, Tessa Blanchard and WOW Wrestling reportedly had a falling out ahead of the promotion’s re-launch.

It was alleged that during a mid-April class, Blanchard cut a promo on Samantha Sage, who is known as Americana. The promo reportedly saw Blanchard “tear apart” Sage, which led to other trainees speaking up.

According to a new report from Fightful Select, Tessa Blanchard is not figured into WOW’s plans and she was not at their recent tapings. It was not told officially that she was fired.

While issues between Tessa Blanchard and WOW were first learned in mid-April, sources noted that they had witnessed friction as far back as January.

Blanchard was reportedly “livid” that a planned January tryout was canceled by CBS due to COVID, with David McLane getting the finger pointed at him. Blanchard reportedly believed they could have done a tryout via Zoom or at an isolated school.

One source told the outlet, that things had to have gotten bad between David McLane and Tessa Blanchard because he was consistently on her side for years, even through multiple controversies.

Sources within the company also revealed that WOW was even able to lure back some people that swore they’d never work with Blanchard again only to see “more of the same.” Tessa’s attitude initially was chalked up to just being “passionate” among the higher-ups.

After the initial Fightful report was published, several people reached out to suggest that there could be legal recourse between the two sides and they were concerned about potentially being involved in it.

It was also revealed in the report that AJ Lee was at the recent tapings and worked commentary. After the tapings, a company-wide email went out informing staff that the scheduled early June tapings will be postponed due to a positive COVID test.

Source: Wrestling Inc.