Tessa Blanchard Has Falling Out With WOW Wrestling, Status With Company Uncertain

Tessa Blanchard may be done with WOW Wrestling after a reported falling out between the two sides.

What many deemed to be inevitable seems to have happened. According to a report by Sean Ross Sapp of Fightflul, WOW talent have claimed to Fightful Select that Tessa Blanchard recently had a falling out with the company and her status with the promotion going forward is uncertain.

Ironically, when WOW Wrestling announced that Blanchard was going to be part of their upstart promotion, something that was seen by fans and insiders as both a huge get, but also a risk, they quickly promoted a t-shirt design with the word “nuclear” on it. The hint was that Blanchard had nuclear heat with all the big wrestling promotions and that she was unhireable. WOW was going to take a chance and make her a big part of their plans. It appears to have backfired.

After she deactivated her social media account, reports are that a fallout occurred between the two parties. As a result, her status for this week’s tapings is unclear and if she doesn’t appear, it will indicate that she might be done with the promotion. Much of what is going on backstage is being kept tight-lipped and because those who work for WOW signed a non-disclosure agreement there isn’t a lot of detail forthcoming. What is believed to be the situation is that Blanchard might have seen herself as someone with more power than she actually has and that could have been the root of the issue.

One source alleges that Blanchard tore into wrestler Samantha Sage during an acting class and other talents spoke up about how uncomfortable it was. The acting classes were canceled from that point until further notice and Blanchard’s involvement was apparently decreased. Another source suggested that Blanchard is no longer a trainer in the promotion, her role being given to Selina Majors. Many think that Blanchard is gone from WOW and an announcement will follow.

Social media has been flooded with comments about the news, many people suggesting no one has dropped the ball more with her career than Blanchard has. Despite being given multiple opportunities and having a ton of natural talent, she can’t seem to stop herself from being her own worst enemy. Attitude issues, problems with other talents and allegations of prejudice have followed her around for the past few years.

Source: TheSportster