Kimber Lee Accuses NXT’s Nash Carter Of Domestic Abuse, Shares Photos

Kimber Lee has shared photos of an injury she claims was intentionally caused by a drunken Nash Carter.

Impact Wrestling’s Kimber Lee, formerly known as Abby Laith during her stint in WWE, made some serious allegations against her husband and fellow wrestler Nash Carter last week. Carter is one-half of the tag team MSK who won the NXT Tag Team Titles for a second time over the weekend. Prior to that, Lee claimed she had suffered domestic abuse at the hands of Carter.

After opening up about the allegations on social media, Lee claims she was hounded by wrestling fans to the point she decided to delete the original tweets, only fueling those who didn’t believe her. Not wanting to be silenced about what she is claiming to have happened between her and Carter, Lee has posted fresh allegations this week, including photos of an injury she alleges was caused intentionally by the NXT star.

“Hey NXT this is my face after your tag champ Nash Carter got wasted and hit me so hard he split my lip open,” Lee tweeted, tagging both NXT and Carter in the post. She adds that Carter told her after the incident that she’s a wrestler so gets “marked up” all the time. Lee followed up that tweet with another apologizing to her fans for backing away from the allegations last week. She also claims Carter has been messaging her over the weekend asking she not say anything else publicly.

Lee and Carter got married in May 2020 and are still husband and wife now, though it’s assumed the two are separated at this moment in time. As for what will happen next, that depends on WWE and possibly the authorities should they get involved. A number of wrestlers were named in 2020’s Speaking Out movement, and each situation that involved a WWE Superstar was handled individually and in many cases, pretty differently.

Triple H has previously clarified all allegations like these are taken very seriously, and internal investigations are conducted. Velveteen Dream was let go from NXT following the allegations made against him, but Riddle managed to keep hold of his position in the company despite some thinking the issues involving him and a female wrestler he cheated on his wife with still being a pretty tangled web. Whatever happens, we could see Carter disappear from NXT TV pretty soon.

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