Scott Hall Update: Kevin Nash Confirms Heartbreaking News That Hall To Be Taken Off Life Support

Horrible news regarding the health of Scott Hall broke over the weekend. It was revealed that The Bad Guy was on life support after suffering three heart attacks. Hall underwent hip surgery last week, and it appears the heart attacks were caused by a blood clot coming loose. The entire wrestling world has been collectively pulling for Hall to kick out ever since, hoping the next information we heard about him would be good news.

Sadly, that has not been the case. Kevin Nash has posted an update on Hall’s condition, and it’s the worst-case scenario everyone was hoping we wouldn’t have to hear. Nash revealed in a lengthy and heartbreaking Instagram post that when Hall’s family is in place, they will make the decision to discontinue life support.

“Scott’s on life support. Once his family is in place they will discontinue life support. I’m going to lose the one person on this planet I’ve spent more of my life with than anyone else,” Nash wrote on Instagram. “I love Scott with all my heart but now I have to prepare my life without him.”

Nash goes on to summarize some moments he and Hall have shared together in the business, kicking off with when the two of them left WWE and signed with WCW. A move that would change the business forever in so many ways as it lead to the formation of the nWo shortly after.

Nash continues on, saving some of the most emotional parts of his message for the very end. “As we prepare for life without him just remember there goes a great guy you ain’t going to see another one like him again. See Ya down the road Scott. I couldn’t love a human being any more than I do you.”

Truly awful news and our hearts go out to Nash, Hall, his family and friends at this time.

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