Sharmell Has Been Added To WWE’s 2022 Hall Of Fame Class

Sharmell joins The Undertaker and Vader in this year’s class.

WrestleMania is now less than three weeks away, and that means a few things. The card is taking shape, rivalries are really starting to ramp up, and WWE has begun revealing who will be going into the Hall Of Fame this year. The Undertaker was the first name announced, and he was joined by Vader shortly after, someone who arguably should have been inducted long ago.

Despite rumors Sid would be the next inductee announced, WWE has gone ahead and revealed someone very different will be going into the Hall on April 1. Sharmell, perhaps better known as Queen Sharmell to wrestling fans. Sharmell was the queen to her husband Booker T’s king for a long spell in WWE, but her career began long before she ever donned a crown alongside the six-time World Champion.

Prior to signing with WWE, Sharmell made a name for herself in WCW as a Nitro Girl, going by Storm at the time. It wasn’t until 2001 that Sharmell signed with WWE following the buyout of WCW. The soon-to-be Hall Of Famer went to OVW first so she could further hone her skills, and also so WWE could figure out where exactly she would land once she was ready for the main roster.

As already highlighted though, it was her run as Queen Sharmell that fans will remember most fondly. Winning King of the Ring is great, but navigating the waters after the fact can be tricky. Not many grown men can pull off a crown, but Booker did it better than almost anyone, and he has Sharmell to thank for a lot of that. Having his wife by his side completely rebranded Booker which is exactly what he needed, and that act would not have worked, nor would it be remembered as fondly as it is all these years later if it wasn’t for Sharmell.

On April 1, Sharmell will be able to call herself a Hall Of Famer. Since inductors appear to be back this year, it seems likely that Booker will be the one to welcome his wife into the Hall Of Fame. The Undertaker and Vader have also been announced as inductees, and there will likely be a few more names added to the class between now and April 1.

Source: TheSportster