Cody Rhodes Hasn’t Signed With WWE & An AEW Return Is Reportedly Possible

Apparently, AEW’s door hasn’t shut on Cody Rhodes just yet.

Cody Rhodes is thought to be an imminent WWE signing following his AEW departure this week but, as reports would have it, the former All Elite EVP isn’t completely out the door just yet.

The American Nightmare was reported to have fashioned a move away from the promotion due to a number of issues, including a loss of booking power, financial disagreements, and other personal problems with Tony Khan. His wife, Brandi, left along with him. And while Cody is rumored to be WWE bound, sources claim she won’t be joining him there should he sign.

Vince McMahon is reportedly very excited over the possibility of having Rhodes back on the roster and plans to give him a major push if it comes to that. There’s already talk of the former AEW superstar being involved in tapings this coming weekend while there’s been speculation pointing to a match at WrestleMania 38.

As things stand, though, Rhodes is still a free agent, and reaching a deal with AEW isn’t yet out of the question.

According to Fightful (H/T, the show Rhodes To The Top has not been canceled, and the direction is still being discussed. The show is centered on Cody and Brandi’s AEW life but was produced by Shed media US and Warner Horizon Unscripted Television so, theoretically, it could go on without involvement from AEW.

Said publication also reports that Rhodes has not put pen to paper on a deal with WWE and, until such a time, there’s a chance of him returning to AEW.

Khan was said to be in a poor mood after talks ended with Rhodes earlier this week, which could be because he wanted him to stay. The former TNT Champion had mentioned his unhappiness to the other company EVPs around two weeks ago, but they all expected him to agree to a deal.

Source: TheSportster