Cody Rhodes Was Reportedly Upset With Tony Khan Over This particular Issue

Cody Rhodes had a few problems with AEW president Tony Khan before parting ways with the promotion.

Cody Rhodes has left AEW along with his wife Brandi, sending shock waves through the wrestling world. The former TNT Champion is now the hottest free agent in the business, and he has been heavily linked to WWE since the news of his departure broke.

It was initially reported that Rhodes and AEW president Tony Khan were at loggerheads over contractual issues but, according to Andrew Zarian, there were a few other incidents involving Tony that got under Cody’s skin.

One of those is rumored to be a video in which Khan implied AEW’s success was all down to him.

“Somebody sent me a link to a Forbes article and said, ‘This really upset certain people, especially Cody’. I don’t if that’s 100% true but this kind of plays into everything,” Zarian said on Wrestling Observer’s We’re Live Pal (H/T

“It was the Forbes video, the profile they did on Tony, and Tony starts it off by pretty much listing, ‘I’m the GM, I’m the booker, I’m the this, I’m the…’, essentially he’s a one-man show.”

It’s reported that Rhodes wasn’t the only one upset by Khan’s comments. Zarian added that there may have been a few other issues leading to Rhodes’ exit.

“I don’t know if that’s necessarily one of the things, but it was a multitude of things,” the wrestling insider continued.

Over the last few months, there have been reports citing various problems between Rhodes and the other AEW EVPs. Khan was also on the end of lots of criticism for his handling of certain issues, including Big Swole’s comments on her release.

Cody has since issued a statement on his departure in which he thanked Khan and several other AEW personalities.

“I loved my time at AEW. Amazing locker room. Amazing fans. Amazing people.” He wrote as part of said statement on social media, “The revolution was indeed televised, and I’ve been incredibly lucky to be part of that.” He added, “I have had so many milestones and beautiful memories of this renaissance… through sweat, blood, tears, literal fire, and all that… I left it all on the mat.”

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