Indie Star Dani Mo Reportedly Assaulted Backstage At OVW Event

Independent wrestling star Dani Mo was reportedly punched in the eye during a backstage altercation with one of her peers at an OVW show.

At a recent OVW event, independent wrestler Dani Mo was allegedly assaulted backstage during a pre-show meeting. after she broached the topic of some of her peers working while intoxicated.

Indie veteran Facade, who is Dani’s real-life partner, took to social media shortly after the incident to share his side of the story.

We’re headed back from Louisville right now. During a backstage meeting where “officials asked to leave,” Dani was sucker punched in the eye from behind after speaking up about people getting intoxicated before the show,” Facade tweeted. In a follow-up tweet, Facade said he didn’t want to put anyone on blast but that the incident wasn’t cool.

Later, Dani clarified that OVW was not at fault for the incident and placed the blame solely on the unnamed individual who attacked her.

I want to make this CLEAR, this has NOTHING to do w/ a company I work for, this insident was out of their hands COMPLETLY. It was w/ 1 particular person. Please do not make assumptions nor bash anyone,” she tweeted.

Dani Mo debuted for OVW back in May and has wrestled for the company 29 times since. She was originally scheduled to face Sierra for the latter’s OVW Women’s Championship at OVW’s Christmas Chaos event on Thursday, December 16. Dani withdrew from that match prior to the event, presumably as a result of the aforementioned backstage altercation.

Ohio Valley Wrestling is a Kentucky-based promotion that is currently owned and booked by businessman Matt Jones and former WWE Superstar Al Snow. The promotion was closely associated with WWE in the late ’90s and early 2000’s when it served as a developmental territory. During its glory days, the promotion was responsible for developing future megastars like Randy Orton, Brock Lesnar, John Cena, and Batista.

Source: TheSportster