AJ Lee Speaks Out About Her Suicide Attempt And How A Stranger Saved Her Life

The former WWE Superstar planned on committing suicide in 2014 but was saved by a stranger on the other end of the phone.

Trigger warning: this article includes discussions about suicidal feelings and a suicide attempt.

The women’s division in WWE has come a long way over the course of the past six years or so. While the likes of Paige, Charlotte Flair, and Bayley quite rightly get a lot of the credit for that, there are quite a few others who were around beforehand who are yet to really reap the rewards. Perhaps most notably AJ Lee who left WWE, possibly never to return, in 2015.

Lee arguably left at the top of her game, something most wrestlers can only dream of. She won her final match, not to mention the match the night before at WrestleMania, and held the Divas Title on three occasions during the year prior to her departure. She also married CM Punk during that period, which is why it might surprise fans to hear Lee’s life was far from perfect at the time.

Lee planned to take her own life in 2014 while Divas Champion and after getting married. The former WWE Superstar recently opened up about her suicide attempt for the first time during an appearance on Maurice Benard: State Of Mind. You can check out the whole episode below in which Lee discusses her bipolar disorder and how nobody knew she had gone to a hotel with the intention of ending her life.

“It was my bipolar disorder couldn’t handle it. It was too much for me,” Lee explained, laying out the highs of her titles wins and getting married to the lows of getting hurt and having to undergo multiple surgeries. “The only solution to me, the only thing I could do was just, I booked a hotel room and that was my plan.”

Something in Lee’s brain told her to call the Suicide Prevention Hotline. Since she was in a different area, the person on the other end urged her to call the number linked to the area she was in for the purposes of needing to potentially call an ambulance. Lee saw that as a sign she should go through with her suicide attempt, but at the last moment she called 311 to get the other number. A man at the end of the 311 call listened to Lee as she poured her heart out. The retired wrestler credits him with saving her life. She doesn’t know his name or who he is, but she can still hear his voice all these years later.

Source: TheSportster Josh Coulson

After six years away from the wrestling industry, AJ Lee (April Mendez Brooks) joined the WOW – Women of Wrestling promotion as an executive producer in October 2021, serving alongside Jeanie Buss. This announcement coincided with WOW entering into a multi-year distribution agreement with ViacomCBS, the biggest distribution opportunity in the U.S. and abroad in the history of women’s professional wrestling. Mendez will also provide color commentary for their upcoming weekly program beginning in late 2022.