AJ Lee Announces Her Return To Wrestling For Relaunch Of WOW Women of Wrestling As Executive Producer And Color Commentator

AJ Lee has been revealed as an executive producer and color commentator for the returning Women of Wrestling.

AJ Lee is returning to the wrestling business, six years after she wrestled her final match with WWE and retired due to injuries.

AJ Lee is returning to the wrestling business, six years after she wrestled her final match with WWE and retired due to injuries.

The last few years in wrestling have been peppered with return matches from people fans thought were done with the business. Wrestlers like Daniel Bryan, Edge, and even CM Punk. Speaking of Punk, shortly after he signed with AEW he began fielding questions about his wife’s potential return. Punk is married to former WWE Divas’ Champion, AJ Lee.

Punk gave off mixed messages when asked, saying that she was done in one interview but saying “you never know” in another. An announcement made by Women of Wrestling on Wednesday may explain why Punk danced around the question. Turns out Lee is returning to wrestling, it just won’t be to compete between the ropes, nor will she be following Punk to AEW.

Lee spoke at a press conference during which a number of major details about WOW were revealed, including its pretty impressive TV deal. An accompanying press release (H/T Cageside Seats) reveals that Lee will be an executive producer for the show alongside WoW owner Jeanie Buss. Lee will also provide color commentary for the show when it debuts roughly a year from now.

The other notable name mentioned in WoW’s press release is Tessa Blanchard. It was revealed earlier this week that Blanchard had signed a deal with the returning WoW. Blanchard hasn’t been attached to a promotion ever since she left Impact more than a year ago under controversial circumstances. Blanchard was Impact Champion at the time and allegedly refused to return and wrestle when she was supposed to. She has been linked with AEW and WWE multiple times since.

Lee wrestled her final match for WWE more than six years ago. A six-person tag match the night after WrestleMania 31. Neck injuries likely mean she can never wrestle again. However, as the names mentioned above highlight, you really can never say never nowadays. Lee teamed with Paige in her final match, someone else who has had to retire earlier than she would have wanted. However, Paige has recently been teasing that she also might be prepping for a return.

Source: TheSportster

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