Malakai Black (Aleister Black) Debuts On AEW Dynamite, Attacks Cody Rhodes

Malakai Black ( fka Aleister Black) made his debut on Wednesday night during AEW Dynamite. He attacked Cody Rhodes to a massive reaction.

Aleister Black has made his decision… he’s officially going All Elite. No longer known as Aleister Black, he’s not even going by the name Tommy End –which we all thought was a moniker he would take after his WWE release. Instead, Black debuted on AEW Dynamite as Malakai Black.

The live crowd there to watch his AEW debut were in shock, but also extremely vocal, blaring their enthusiasm for a signing that most fans universally seem to think is a fantastic move by Tony Khan. The President of AEW hinted he had other things up his sleeve. Apparently, this was one of them.

As often happens in AEW, a new arrival made his debut by attacking Cody Rhodes. Make of that what you will, Black’s arrival seems to have caught a number of fans off guard. There was a lot of chatter about where Black might go. AEW was certainly among the possible destinations. But, after news that his wife Zelina Vega signed a multi-year contract with WWE, some thought that might be the opening to bring Black back into the WWE fold. He had other plans.

Interestingly, this might be a case where Black was released from his 90-day non-compete clause early. Based on when he was let go, he shouldn’t have debuted so soon.

Black teased earlier on Wednesday that something might be coming. He released a vignette in which he said, “My name isn’t Tom. My name is Malakai.” Obviously, that’s the name he’s now going by in AEW.

Outside of the fans in attendance being stoked for Black’s debut, social media was quick to voice their excitement, many saying this is exactly the right spot for Black who will be used properly and could become a massive star. We can only hope this turns out to be the case.

Black didn’t necessarily get a fair shake in WWE and he’s got an extremely creative mind and passion for the business. It appears AEW is going to try and tap into that and they’ve put him up against one of their biggest names right out of the gate.

Source: The Sportster