Jimmy Uso’s DUI Police Report Published, New Details Revealed

The arresting officer has filed their police report pertaining to Jimmy Uso’s DUI earlier this week, revealing new details.

The police report from Jimmy Uso’s DUI has been filed, revealing more details about his arrest this past Monday.

Jimmy Uso was arrested for a DUI earlier this week, reportedly spending the night in jail on Monday. The officer who made the arrest has now filed their report, revealing more details pertaining to what happened with Uso on Monday night. As was already reported, it confirms Uso’s blood-alcohol level was more than twice that of the legal limit in Florida.

The in-depth report also confirms Uso was driving 15 mph over the speed limit and ran a red light after being clocked by the arresting officer. The new details take the form of what happened once Uso had been pulled over. The officers conducted sobriety tests on Uso in a nearby parking lot, all of which further confirmed the WWE Superstar had been drinking.

“During the one-legged stand test, Uso was unable to maintain his balance, and placed his foot down multiple times,” the report reads (H/T Wrestling Inc.). “Uso was unable to keep his head still, and had multiple signs of nystagmus, or involuntary eye movement.” The former Tag Team Champion admitted to having consumed multiple beers and was placed under arrest following the failed sobriety tests.

Uso spent the rest of the night in the Escambia County Jail and posted his $500 bond the following morning. This is the second time Uso has been issued a DUI in as many years. The wrestler was arrested under very similar circumstances in July 2019. However, a jury found him not guilty on that occasion despite footage of the incident appearing to show Uso swaying while out of his car and swerving when he was behind the wheel. The officer’s bodycam and in-car cam footage from this latest arrest have not yet been released.

Neither Uso nor WWE have publicly reacted to the latest arrest. Reports circulating shortly after the incident claim some higher-ups within the company aren’t happy with Uso. More because this is the second instance of this happening, or even the third if you include the time he was arrested for an alleged non-DUI-related clash with police officers.

Source: The Sportster