Rebel Dislocates Her Knee On AEW Dynamite

Rebel dislocated her knee on Wednesday night while competing in a tag match alongside Britt Baker.

Rebel dislocated her knee towards the end of a match on Dynamite this week, forcing her to watch on from the sidelines as her partner picked up the win.

It’s shaping up to be a bad week for freak injuries in women’s wrestling. Tuesday night on NXT, a stiff roundhouse kick to the head appeared to knock out Mercedes Martinez and resulted in the match coming to a premature end. 24 hours later, Rebel suffered a knee injury that meant she couldn’t finish her match on Dynamite.

Unlike Martinez, Rebel was competing in a tag team match. That meant her partner Britt Baker could take the reigns and finish the match by herself. The AEW Women’s Champion even managed to win, beating Nyla Rose and Vickie Guerrero by forcing the latter to submit to her finisher, the Lockjaw. It might stop Guerrero from screaming excuse me for a week or two as well.

As for Rebel, AEW officials tended to her at ringside before she was helped to the back. Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp provided updates on her condition, revealing that Rebel was in good spirits backstage despite dislocating her left knee. A pretty painful injury by all accounts but it sounds like Rebel handled it like a trooper.

As for how long the injury will keep Rebel on the sidelines, that is yet to be revealed. Dislocations can be simple or they can be tricky. If the incident did no additional damage then it might have been as simple as popping it back in, although that would have likely been incredibly painful. However, it may have damaged ligaments or otherwise which could mean Rebel is out of the ring and maybe even off TV for a while.

Source: The Sportster