Jim Ross Comments After Signing Off Show With “WWE Dynamite” Botch

Jim Ross, once again, misspoke during an AEW show when he signed off Wednesday’s program by calling it a live episode of “WWE Dynamite”.

Jim Ross is taking a lot of heat from wrestling fans… again. For the second time since joining the AEW commentary crew (really, the second time in a few months), he’s made the painful mistake of accidentally calling AEW by the name of his old employer. Again, he’s aware he messed up and on Wednesday night, following the show, he responded to folks who figured he should probably just quit.

To sign off Wednesday’s episode of Dynamite, Ross said, “There’s nothing in your life that will top seeing a live WWE Dynamite.” As you can imagine, the comments immediately came flooding in.

This is not the first time he’s made this mistake. It wasn’t that long ago he accidentally called Kenny Omega the WWE Champion. At the time, fans poked fun suggesting mistakes just happen. Since this is the second time he’s done it, fans have been a bit more critical.

Ross responded to all the heat on social media. He wrote, “Yep I apparently made an untimely error tonight at shows end. No excuses. And I’m not quitting.” His response suggests a couple of things. First, he seemed to have no idea he’d said what he said until he either saw it on social media or someone from AEW pointed it out for him. Second, he’s either beating all the critics to the punch or he’s responding to people saying he’s no longer someone that should be a part of the AEW announce team.

These mistakes are going to happen. When you’re Ross and you worked at WWE as long as J.R. did, it’s actually a bit surprising the slip up hasn’t happened more often. All it really takes is for something to cross your mind and out it comes. That said, does there come a point when AEW needs to do something about this?

As AEW fills the roster with more former WWE talent, it’s likely to happen again. And yes, he’ll take heat for it. At the end of the day, does it really hurt anything? It’s not ideal, but the video clip has gone viral. There’s always a silver lining.

Source: The Sportster – JIM PARSONS