Young Bucks Turn On Jon Moxley, Join Kenny Omega And The Good Brothers On AEW Dynamite

The Young Bucks are once again aligned with Kenny Omega.

Last night’s AEW Dynamite main event saw Matt and Nick Jackson team with Jon Moxley to take on Kenny Omega and the Good Brothers. The two trios had a competitive match throughout, with underlying tension between the Bucks and Omega. Matt Jackson consistently hesitated to hit Omega with moves, including a strike and a superkick.

The climax of the contest saw the Bucks line Omega up for the BTE Trigger, but never execute. Moxley shouted at the Bucks on the outside and eventually enter the ring himself. Moxley hit Omega with two Paradigm Shifts, locked him in a sleeper hold, and lined up for a third, but was hit with two superkicks before he could land the DDT.

Post match, the conflicted Bucks ended up superkicking Moxley yet again, and then hugged Omega and the Good Brothers to close the show.

Matt and Nick Jackson previously teased reuniting with their former Bullet Club stablemates at the end of the January 6 edition of Dynamite, where the five Too Sweet’d to close the show. From there, Omega and the Bucks have had a complicated relationship, as the AEW Tag Team Champions have constantly showed their distaste and disapproval of Don Callis, Omega’s manager. During a March edition of Dynamite, the Bucks saved Jon Moxley from a Kenny Omega-led beat-down, and even walked out on the Best Bout Machine’s attempt to bury the hatchet.

Source: Wrestling Inc.

(The Photo at the top was not from last night is was taken form New Year’s Smash in January.)