Jerry “The King” Lawler Says He Will Continue To Wrestle Despite Needing A Double Knee Replacement Operation

WWE Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler revealed on a recent episode of his Dinner With The King podcast that he needs a double knee replacement operation.

Lawler said he will not undergo the surgery and he still plans on to keep wrestling, but he is undergoing other treatments to help with the constant pain.

Lawler talked about receiving the bad news from a recent visit to his orthopedic surgeon. They originally thought that he could undergo arthroscopic surgery to give him some relief but he underwent an MRI and x-rays, which revealed that he’s “bone on bone” and needs to have the replacement surgery on both knees.

“They’re not gone, you can still do whatever you want to do,” Lawler said of his knees. “You can still do whatever you want to do, it’s just very painful. There’s a lot of pain and the fact that your knee joints are bone on bone, instead of having cartilage or whatever that stuff is, that is supposed to cushion between your upper bone and your lower bone.”

Lawler said he will continue to wrestle and get shots to help with the pain. He joked, “I’m just going to suffer through it.”

Source: Wrestling Inc.


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