Chris Jericho Appearing In Upcoming ‘Jay and Silent Bob’ Film Reboot

Popular comedian, Film Maker and multifaceted talent, Kevin Smith revealed that All Elite Wrestling’s Chris Jericho will be appearing in the reboot of his Jay and Silent Bob film. Smith described the scene that Jericho is in as “stolen from some of the 80’s road movies I grew up watching.”

Although this is the first time Jericho is appearing in a film alongside Jason Mewes (Jay), this is actually the second time that Smith and Jericho have worked on a movie together. Jericho will be a part of the forthcoming horror anthology, Killroy Was Here which was also directed by Kevin Smith.

Smith also mentioned in the Instagram post that they have 8 days left to shoot the remaining third act of the film. The post reads, “I was there when #y2jayandsilentbob happened! Chris Jericho joined the Jay and Silent Bob reboot last week in a scene stolen from some of the 80’s road movies I grew up watching! This was the first time Jason Mewes shared screen time with Chris Jericho but it’s the second time I’ve worked with the Fozzy frontman (the first being on the forthcoming horror anthology #killroywashere). And both times, this super sweet Canadian kid has been cast waaaaay against type. If I ever get to make another movie after this one, I told Chris he’s gonna be a good guy (maybe we’ll finally do that Canadian James Bond comedy we talked about on the podcast that one time). After today, we only have 8 shooting days left on @jayandsilentbob Reboot, which is basically the entire third act. I’ve got 40 minutes of the movie already edited and I’ll cut more this weekend. Thanks to @dpronlevy, the movie is way better than I even wanted it to be (Reboot is easily one of my best looking movies to date). And starting at noon, it’s all cameos all the time from here on out, as fresh famous faces join us every day until we wrap!”

You can see the full Instagram post below:

Source: Wrestling Inc.