Reunited Hardy Boyz, Matt Hardy Returns To Action On SmackDown Live

Maatt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, SmackDown, SmackDown Live, Hardy Boyz

Matt Hardy returned to action tonight on SmackDown Live teaming with his brother Jeff. The Hardy Boyz defeated The Bar.

As you may recall, Matt recently revealed that he days left on his contract.

Word going around backstage is that WWE invoked a clause in Matt Hardy’s contract and Jeff Hardy’s contract that will see the deals roll over for a third year, according to PWInsider. The contracts were set to expire next week if WWE decided against rolling them over.

The Hardys returned to WWE at WrestleMania 33 in 2017 and signed two-year deals that included a third-year option. We noted back in January that it was believed WWE would pick up that option, which includes a significant pay raise for the third year.