Tony Khan Confirms AEW TV Deal Talks With “A Number Of Interested Parties”

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All Elite Wrestling President Tony Khan isn’t allowed to say much about a potential TV deal for the company, but he can confirm there’s been talks with interested parties.

Khan was a guest on the latest episode of X-Pac12360. When the topic of potential TV deals came up, Tony told host Sean Waltman he signed non-disclosure agreements and couldn’t get into specifics yet.

When pressed a little more, however, Khan said this:

There’s interested parties … a number of interested parties … it’s gonna be great for everybody. Like I said, I want it to be great for the fans. And I want every week, I want people to be excited about what this week is gonna bring in wrestling. Whether you’re a kid in school, or you’re at work and you want something to look forward to at night, I want it to be a big part of everyone’s week. I think for the talent, I just think this is a great opportunity for everybody to create something. Like I said, a golden age.

For a lot of the talent … I’ve always heard the story that in WCW, that people had said, “this is the golden age.” Specifically that Eric Bischoff said to the talent, “Hey, this is the golden age. Enjoy it while it lasts.” And, you know, it didn’t last.

I think we can create it and it can be sustainable. And we can build something that doesn’t have to ever die. It can live forever. Because I know the wrestling community will never die. As long as the planet is spinning, there’s gonna be people watching wrestling and people that are passionate about it.

Watch the full interview below to hear Khan address the Bill Goldberg rumors, possible partnerships with other companies, equal pay, challenges the company will face and more.

Source: Pro Wrestling Sheet