Fundraising Efforts Underway For Valet Attacked During Match By Male Wrestler (VIDEO)

valet chair head fundraising injured

Wrestlers across Mexico’s lucha libre scene are rallying behind a female valet who was dragged, slapped, and then smashed with a chair during a show last week.

Fundraising efforts are underway to help pay medical costs for La Enigmatica.  During a show Friday for the Revolution promotion in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, she was knocked unconscious outside the ring by a brutal chair shot from a wrestler named Black Skeller.

After the blow, Enigmatica appears to suffer a seizure as fans come out of the crowd and rush to her side.  Skeller initially stays in character before coming to check on her.

There was reportedly no medical staff on-hand for the match.  Enigmatica was eventually taken to a hospital for treatment and was released a couple days later.

Another wrestler, Zafiro, is now trying to raise money to cover her medical costs.  She has proposed auctions and other fundraising initiatives via social media.

Zafiro and others went as far as saying Skeller was intoxicated at the show.  She also called for local officials including the fight commission over that area of Mexico to step in.

Video of the incident can be seen below.

Warning: The footage is unsettling and not easy to watch.

Source: Pro Wrestling Sheet