Fun Night At Independent Wrestling Event, The Boogeyman, WWA

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Last night me and my nephew attended an independent wrestling promotion (World Wrestling Alliance) in Evansville, Indiana. As far as I know, the WWA promotion is mostly a Kentucky area based promotion. This event was their debut in Evansville, In.

Last night’s event in Evansville, In featured former WWE Superstar The Boogeyman. He ate worms and slung them into the crowd. It was a great to see how he interacted with the little kids before the show and during intermission. He would approach the kids asking – “are you a good kid or a bad kid?” Some of the kids would go running. At one point I seen him go up to a little girl and squat down to her level and talk to her. Boogeyman is a class act.

We got to see new tag team champs crowned, a heel turn, a falls count anywhere match that included the use of chairs, a ladder and a table and someone getting shoved off the balcony onto a crowd of wrestlers and security. There was also a match between two very talented high flyers that probably put on the best match of the night. Both competitors received a standing ovation from most of the crowd.

It was a fantastic event, we had more fun at this WWA event than at a WWE event. I highly recommend attending a WWA event or any local indy promotion event.

Below are some of my photos from the WWA event in Evansville, In:

Update: WWA has uploaded the WWA Hysteria 60: Return to Evansville  – featuring The Boogeyman on their YouTube page: WWAISNOW