Enzo Amore Beaten Down By Cruiserweight Division After Raw Goes Off The Air (VIDEO)

enzo amore after raw cruiserweight beatdown video 205 live

The end of Raw saw a double turn between Enzo Amore and Neville when the new Cruiserweight champ went full blown heel on 205 Live‘s roster … and they got their revenge after the show.

For those who missed it, Amore roasted the entire division during his championship celebration to close out Raw and Neville interrupted on behalf of them all to take the guy down a notch.

The segment ended with Neville beating Enzo up and hitting the Red Arrow.

But when Raw went off the air, those in attendance got to see Braun Strowman come out to rough Amore up as well, then the other cruiserweights joined in on the fun.

Source: Pro Wrestling Sheet