Bullet Club ‘Invades’ Raw On Being The Elite (VIDEO)

bullet club invades raw being the elite video

Videos of Bullet Club “invading” Raw have been hitting social media all day, but now this week’s Being The Elite episode chronicling the whole thing has been released … and it’s hilarious.

The episode shows the group rolling up to Raw in Ontario today in a stretch limo and then standing on the back of it to cut promos on a megaphone to air their grievances in public.

This includes Matt Jackson exclaiming that he wants to be able to say “suck it” without getting bleeped, “Hangman” Adam Page griping about being “kidnapped” and (for some reason) Cody Rhodes reciting a monologue from the movie Independence Day.

Those who’ve been keeping up with the show also get a tease at the end in regards to the ongoing saga of the WWE Stooge.

Source: Pro Wrestling Sheet