Official Memphis Wrestling Hall of Fame Ceremony 5/13/17

The Official Memphis Wrestling Hall of Fame ceremony will take place this Saturday May 13th at Jerry Lawler’s Hall of Fame bar and grille on Beale St.

The 2017 Hall of Fame Class will include Jerry “The King” Lawler, Jimmy Hart, Koko B. Ware, “Superstar”Bill Dundee, Jim Cornette, Bobby Eaton, Jerry Calhoun, and the Gilbert family.

There will also be some video comments from Jerry Jarrett, Ricky Morton, and Terry Funk. Returning to do

inductions will be Bill Rush, Johnny Dotson, and Scott Bowden.

Legendary announcers Lance Russell and Dave Brown were already inducted the Hall of Fame last month on April 22 2017.

Jerry Lawler’s son (Kevin Lawler) posted the following on Facebook:

Source: Kevin Lawler’s Facebook page


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  1. Yo,yo you! I’m the master of wrestling ring entrance music, JJ Maguire. Jimmy Hart and I have created more icon entrance themes than anyone in the business! Jerry Lawler’s BREAKING UP IS HARD TO DO is the first theme Hart and I did. Back during the Mid South territory years! Lawler at that time was the biggest talent in the business! A great guy too! Thanx to Lawler and Hart,I’ve had a fabulous ring music career that brought all my dreams come true! Hart and I have written over 42 absolute icon themes like SEXY BOY, Bret Hart, Demolition,Hulks American Made, Dusty Rhoades, Honky Tonk Man, Million Dollar Man, etc. Thanx to people like Lawler, Hulk, Honky and others the way was paved for the future of wrestling! I’m glad to be a part of all of it. And by the way Jimmy Hart is the smartest person to ever step foot into wrestling! And I would like to think I’m the smartest wrestling theme creator! And last but far from least thanks to all you fans for making all of us what we are! Sincerely, HURRICANE JJ MAGUIRE

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