Billy Corgan Formally Requests Repayment From TNA, Threatens To Convert His Loan To Stock, Auction

Source: WrestlingINC

There was a back and forth on Twitter between Billy Corgan and Anthem Sports & Entertainment yesterday, following the announcement that Corgan is gone from TNA and Anthem has entered into a credit relationship with the company. Dixie Carter is still Chair of the company and will remain the figurehead for the company while Anthem’s Ed Nordholm will essentially be running things. While Corgan is out, he’s still owed money by TNA and his lawsuit is still open.

Corgan returned to Twitter today and isn’t holding back. He corrected one fan meme and said he’s owed $2.7 million, not the reported $1.8 million. Corgan noted that he formally requested repayment of the loan by TNA today and threatened to take what he’s owed to court and convert it to company stock or sell the options to the highest bidder, teasing a “pro wrestling titan,” which could be a WWE mention. Below are Corgan’s new tweets with what was said yesterday for context: