WWE Reportedly Doing Away With The Divas Title 

We’ve waited for years to post this story. It’s always been a hope for everyone here on the site and sometimes it just seemed like a far fetched dream. However now according to PWinsider and WrestlingInc our dream and the dream of many others is becoming a reality.

The word going around is that WWE officials have had a new women’s belt commemorated. The coming of this new title also means that the words diva division is a thing of the past and will now be called what it should’ve always been: The Women’s division.

The change will begin to take place at the post mania Raw live from Dallas Tx. It is being said that the new title is similar to World Heavyweight Title only smaller.

So now perhaps the bigger question is who will be at the forefront of the newly formed women’s division? Will it be genetically superior Chatlottle? The Irish lass kicker Becky Lynch? Or will it be our personal favorite The Boss Sasha Banks? Find out this Sunday at Wrestlemania 32 live on the WWE Network 4PT/7ET