Jeff Jarrett Talks Finding GFW TV Deal, Streaming The Show, Working With TNA

Global Force Wrestling founder Jeff Jarrett talked to RVA MAG recently about finding a TV deal.

Finding a TV deal for GFW:

“We are making moves. It’s been a real challenge for us to line up a domestic situation as well as international deals. I’m heading over to London in a couple of weeks to further those moves. The first set of tapings were great. We got plenty of one hour episodes and we’ve got the crowning of the champions in October. With that and the Grand Slam tour as well, it’s been no rest for the weary, but it’s exciting time in the still the very early days of Global Force Wrestling.”

Possibly airing on Netflix or Hulu:

“All of the above and I don’t want to specifically say Netflix or Hulu. The world of 2015 is so interesting. You wouldn’t be asking that question even, what would you say, two or three years ago? It’s interesting just how everyone consumes their information. Not just wrestling or television. Your phone is a source of news, entertainment, games, apps. It’s just a different world. I’ve said it for a year now: my goal is if you’re a GFW fan, you’ll have access to watch it all across the globe. There’s a huge component to that. I won’t call it streaming, but there’s a big component in the online world for Global Force.”

Working with TNA again:

“You know, it’s a business. My family’s been in this business for over 70 years so I’ve seen a lot of situations where you’d say those folks would never work together again and they did. Business is business and when it’s a win-win-win-a win for our promotion, a win for their promotion, and more importantly, a win for the wrestling fan – it’s really hard not to do a deal. So we put a lot of things in the past and in our rear view mirrors on both sides and moved forward. It’s a pretty exciting time. All the positive momentum that’s coming from the working relationship between TNA and GFW is just a great thing.”

You can see the full interview at this link: