The Revolution Begins 

Nearly a week later and I’m still on a high about the happenings of Monday night Raw last week. Anyone who has been following this site for the past 3 years would know two things: I’m a huge WWE mark and I LOVE Women’s wrestling.
I’ve been watching the WWE ever since 1994, this year I turn 24 so that’s nearly all my life. As a WWE fan I’ve experienced the highs and lows, there’s been times where I’ve been down right ashamed to say “I watch the WWE” and there’s been other times where I’ve said “I’m FN proud to be a WWE fan. Last Monday was one of those nights.
If you haven’t guessed what segment I’m referring to let me catch you up to speed. For weeks on end The Bella’s and Alicia Fox have been tormenting Paige with 3 on 1 beatings and last week Stephanie McMahon had seen enough.
The segment started with Paige, The Bella’s, Fox and Stephanie all in the ring. Stephanie brings up the 3 on 1 attacks and mentions that all this time Paige has been alone and it’s time she got some help. Then out comes the Lass Kicker Becky Lynch!!!

“But wait” Stephanie says. “the numbers are still uneven,” then out comes genetically superior Charlotte!!!! This is followed by Naomi and Tamina making their way down the ramp. Naomi says that she won’t be forgotten about, but wait there’s only two of them, again making numbers uneven. Who could possibly side with Naomi and Tamina???? None other then the NXT women’s champion THE BOSS Sasha Banks!!!!

The ring is filled 9 amazing women wrestlers plus an Athority figure in Stephanie McMahon, that’s 10 women who have been changing the corse of women’s wrestling. Stephanie then goes on to say that this is an opportunity that their time is now and she wants to see who’s going to take it.
All the while the three teams are in an epic stare down to with the crowd erupts in a “this is awesome chant” Then a brawl breaks loose with all women gunning for one another and ultimately it ends with Sasha, Charlotte and Becky putting the i submissions (Bank statement, the figure 8, and the armbar) on The Bella’s and Alicia.
If you are a friend of mine on Facebook or at the very least follow my post you would’ve saw my status that said “I haven’t felt this way since Lita returned after being out a year and a half with a broken neck” AND I MENT IT.
For years the WWE has been producing underwhelming Women stroylines and then the good ones always get dropped way too soon or often become repetitive. This moment on Monday night Raw though showed that change is on the horizon and that the future is indeed now.
The response on social media has been all positive. The response that night was also proof that something was done right. From everything to the “this is awesome chants” to the huge pops each girl received. I mean it was so good that even Michael Cole used the term “women’s wrestling”

Mind you, living on the west coast and having time Warner cable I get a delayed Raw, so I knew what was going to happen AND I WAS STILL marking out and I even got the chills!
It was an awesome moment that myself along with fellow fans won’t forget for a long while. On Twitter Stephanie mentioned that women have been revolutionizing the world of sports and it was about time the WWE caught up. I couldn’t agree more and I believe that after this segment that door has swung wide open and these women are about to come rushing through it.
We used to live in a time where the women’s matches were used as bathroom breaks, but now that’s not the case. A meme on Facebook said it best: “Bathroom Break???, you better hold that sh**” I’m so thankful to Stephanie and Hunter for grabbing the bull by the horns, going against the grain and even agreeing to disagree with the all mighty Vince McMahon all to prove that women CAN carry a company, they CAN, put on stellar matches, they CAN get a crowd reaction and they DESERVE respect.
The future is a bright one and I am so damn excited.
-Vanessa (@GreatLove91)