The Queen Of Spades takes ECCW by storm 


  This past Saturday on July, 11th 2015 ECCW (Elite Canadian championship wrestling) held their Ballroom Brawl 4 event in Vancouver Canada.

By the photos and video I’ve seen online man do I wish I was there. Not only because I enjoy good professional wrestling but also because our buddy Shayna The Queen of Spades Baszler made her ECCW debut.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Shayna in a squared circle, earlier this year she managed  tag team ReDragon at ROH’s 13th anniversary event.

This time though she was the enforcer for her friend Kenny Lush as he took on Bishop. Bishop had goddess Mandy on his side so Shayna was just evening the playing field.

Shayna did what she set out to do and that was teach “the goddess” a lesson. Baszler ripped out Mandy’s weve and even put her in a devistating toe hold (ankle lock) that should teach Mandy to never call the queen “a rachet and basic bitch” ever again. 

Baszler wasn’t done there though because she even had some involvement in the main event fatal 4 way ladder match, for both the ECCW and Canadian title; in a match that involved  Nicole Matthews, Billy Suede, Artemis Spencer and Ethan HD.

At one point in the match it looked as if Nicole Matthews was closing in on victory with some guidance from Baszler but then out of nowhere Baszler staying true to her roots goes full blown heel and Baszler bombs’ (Powerbomb) Matthews off the ladder and straight into the turn buckle.

Needless to say Shayna definitely made her presence felt at ECCW and I think it’s safe to say that Baszler is out to conquer the world of professional wrestling.

You can check out all the epicness mentioned above in the form of video by clicking here. 

Enjoy! (I know I did)