The Rock Responds To Ronda Rousey Tweet

Ronda Rousey tweeted about her WrestleMania moment with The Rock, saying we’re just gettin’ started. The Rock responded to her tweet. Below is both tweets from them:

Big Push Coming For Lana?

According to F4WOnline, Vince McMahon is super-high on Lana and reportedly has big plans for her.

I’m guessing the plans will include her competing as a wrestler since it looks like she and Rusev have parted ways. It will be great to finally see her in the ring competing with the other women of the WWE.

Sting Addressed The WWE Universe After RAW

Sting addressed the WWE Universe after RAW exclusively on WWE Network. Sting said because of all the fans he felt right at home at WrestleMania. He said even though he came up short he was glad to finally say that he was there. Sting said he doesn’t know what the future holds. Fans chanted “Undertaker.” Sting said whatever opportunity WWE throws his way he will grab it but if WWE doesn’t throw him any opportunities then it is to bad and a crying shame as far as he is concern.

Bo Dallas interrupted and said he was a Sting fan when he was a kid and Sting even painted his face. Bo then went on to say that Sting loss his entire legacy at WrestleMania and all he has to do is BOLIEVE! Sting grab Bo and hit him with a Scorpion Death Drop.

Sheamus Returns

Sheamus made his return last night on RAW. He appeared to be coming out to save Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler from a beat down by Bad News Barrett but instead he attacked Bryan and Ziggler himself. Sheamus was sporting a new look with a Mohawk and braided beard. At one point the fans chanted “you look stupid.” All Sheamus had to say was “I’m back.”

WWE announced that Sheamus will team with Bad News Barrett to take on Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler this Thursday on SmackDown.


Stephanie McMahon Suspends Brock Lesnar Indefinitely

Brock Lesnar wanted his rematch against Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship but Rollins refused to give him the match last night on RAW. An irate Lesnar went on a rampage, going after Rollins, but Rollins was able to escape through the crowd. Lesnar took out J & J Security, the entire RAW broadcast team and a cameraman. Lesnar turned the announce table over on JBL¬†& Booker T and F5’ed Michael Cole and a cameraman.

Stephanie McMahon suspended Lesnar indefinitely and said she will fine him for his actions.

Byron Saxton took over for Cole, JBL & Booker T and was later joined at the announce table by Jerry Lawler. They gave an update on Cole saying he may have a cervical fracture (commonly called a broken neck).

RAW Preview: 3/30/15

Fallout from WrestleMania 31.

What’s in store fro the Rollins era?

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