Brock Lensar Retires From UFC Competition

Former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar has informed the mixed martial arts promotion that he is retired from competition.

The UFC confirmed the 39-year old Lesnar’s decision Wednesday.

Lesnar returned from a 4 and a half year MMA absence last July to beat Mark hunt at UFC 200, but the results was overturned after Lesnar failed two doping tests. He was subsequently suspended from competition for a year by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, which administers the UFC’s doping policy.

Lesnar’s decision to retire means he has been removed from USADA’s drug-testing pool, which monitors the fighters year-round.

If he decides to return to competition, he would have to serve the remaining five months of his suspension.

Goldberg, Lesnar And The Undertaker Come Face-To-Face-To-Face On RAW (Video)

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Last night Raw ended with an intense face-off between Goldberg, Brock Lesnar and The Undertakergiving viewers one final tease before they all compete in the Royal Rumble.

It all went down during the closing segment when Goldberg declared he would be the victor of the Rumble match and Paul Heyman interrupted to bring out his Beast of a client.

Just as it looked as Golberg and Lesnar were about to fight, the gong struck, the lights went out and Taker was standing in the ring with them. They stared each other down as the show went off the air.


Below is a fan video in which you can see what happened after RAW went off the air:

Mark Hunt Files Civil Suit Against Brock Lesnar And UFC

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Mark Hunt has taken matters to the courts, filing a civil suit against Brock Lesnar, UFC president Dana White and the promotion he currently works for. Hunt, who is expected to return to action later this year at UFC 209 vs. Alistair Overeem, filed the suit Tuesday in Nevada District Court.

For the past several months, Hunt has been very outspoken against both the UFC and Lesnar for what happened back in July at UFC 200. The 42-year-old lost a decision to Lesnar, who later failed his post-fight drug test.

“I want the UFC to understand it’s not OK to keep doing what they’re doing,” Hunt told “They’re allowing guys to do this. They had a chance to take all the money from this guy, because he’s a cheater, and they didn’t. What message is that sending to the boys and girls who want to be a fighter someday? The message is, ‘You just have to cheat like this and it’s OK.’ In society, if you commit a crime, you pay. Why is it different in MMA? It’s hurt the business, so it’s even worse. They need to be held accountable for this.”

Hunt’s suit states the defendants “affirmatively circumvented and obstructed fair competition for their own benefit.” He is also accusing the UFC and Lesnar of racketeering, fraud and several other allegations. He is seeking damages “in the millions.”

Lesnar, who came out of retirement and was granted a waiver for the four-month testing policy prior to the bout, was fined $250,000 and suspended for a year by the USADA. The suspension has no affect on Lesnar’s current WWE contract.

Source: WrestlingINC

Brock Lesnar officially Announced For The 2017 Royal Rumble Match

During last night’s 11/28 WWE RAW in Charlotte, a pre-taped interview aired with Michael Cole talking with Paul Heyman about Brock Lesnar’s loss to Goldberg at Survivor Series.

An emotional Heyman was asked what was next for Lesnar. Heyman revealed that since Goldberg was in the Royal Rumble match then Brock Lesnar would also be.

You can view a recap below from our live report on Monday night.

Cole asks what happened at Survivor Series. Paul Heyman says “we screwed up” and that they took Goldberg lightly. He talks about it being a “f*cking video game” and how they figured it would be the easiest pay day of Brock’s career. Heyman talks about Goldberg spearing Brock immediately and breaking his ribs. “You can’t breathe, you can’t fight.” Cole asks how Lesnar is dealing with all of this. Heyman says, “Like you care.” With tears in his eyes, Heyman says you come into this business and injuries occur. Heyman says the humiliation and embarrassment – you can’t offer up any excuses. He talks about this match going into the record book and how it is now part of Brock’s legacy. Heyman talks about Brock dealing with loses before, but “this is embarrassing.” He adds it has put Brock in the mindset that he has something to prove, which scares him. “That moment can define you. It can destroy you. Or it can drive you to greater heights than you’ve ever achieved before.” Heyman says think about a Brock Lesnar that has something to prove is capable of. Cole asks what is next. Heyman says if Brock has something to prove he will prove it. He warns that if Goldberg is in the Royal Rumble match, then Brock Lesnar is in the Royal Rumble.

Source: WrestleView

Brock Lesnar Reportedly Pushed For Longer Feud With Goldberg

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Wrestling is a weird business. So weird that a man whose brand is built on the fact he’s an unbeatable freak of nature may have gone to his boss and asked to get his butt kicked by a 49 year old man.

We’ll probably never know exactly of what the conversations which led to Goldberg becoming only the second man to twice beat Brock Lesnar clean in singles matches on WWE pay-per-view (PPV) consisted. But on the post-Survivor Series edition of Wrestling Observer Radio (subscription required but recommended), Dave Meltzer says Lesnar pushed for the multi-match contract Goldberg apparently signed some time in the past week, and the 86 second beating which occurred last night (Nov. 19) in Toronto was put together to make the WCW legend look as good as possible for future matches against the Beast Incarnate.

Lesnar reportedly wanted more than one date with Goldberg because he sees their rivalry as a big money feud, and Vince McMahon apparently agrees. Once everyone was on the same page with that, and a new deal inked with Goldberg, the decision was made to do the Survivor Series squash. It was apparently done to mirror the kind of matches which got the former NFL lineman over back in his WCW glory days in order to maximize his appeal for the rematch.


Backstage News On Goldberg Vs. Brock Lesnar Rematch, Why Match Was So Short

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Dave Meltzer reported on Wrestling Observer Radio that Goldberg will definitely work with Brock Lesnar again in a rematch from last night’s Survivor Series pay-per-view, where Goldberg defeated Lesnar in an 86 second match. Meltzer noted that the deal was put together within the past week, and it was something that Lesnar and others pushed for. It was noted that Lesnar saw money in a Goldberg program and didn’t want to end it with one match, and Vince McMahon apparently saw that as well.

As for why the match was so short, Meltzer noted that it wasn’t because of Goldberg being hurt. He said the match was changed to get Goldberg over once he agreed to stay, and the decision was made to do a short match like his short WCW matches that got him over in the first place.

Up until last month, Goldberg had been treating the match as a one-time shot. When speaking to Booker T at the end of October on the Heated Conversations podcast, he noted that while it was a one-match contract, he would consider other opportunities in the business.

“I’m treating it as [a one-shot deal], man,” Goldberg told Booker T. “That’s what they offered. That’s what I accepted. If they wanted more, they would have offered more. So I took the offer when it came to a mutual decision, which I believe was mutually positive for everybody involved. Dude, I treat it was such. I have a one-match contract and I’m taking it like the last match of my career. And the minute after the match is over, I won’t bask in it. I’ll think about what’s next. If it’s anything else in the wrestling world, I’ll consider that. If not, hey, man, it’s not like I’ve been looking for something to do the last 12 years by any means.”

Source: WrestlingINC

Vince McMahon Reportedly ‘Blew A Gasket’ During Brock Lesnar Segment On WWE RAW

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As seen on RAW last night, the Brock Lesnar segment didn’t go as planned. Paul Heyman was trying his hardest to get fans to chant for Goldberg, but instead they were cheering for Lesnar and chanting “Goldberg sucks.”

Bryan Alvarez noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that Vince McMahon “blew a gasket” backstage over the reaction from the fans and had Lesnar’s music play to end the segment early. It was noted that the segment was scheduled to go longer, put Vince pulled the plug “right in the middle of it.”

Source: WrestlingINC