Vanessa’s Thoughts on the 9th wonder of the world

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted an opinion piece but as someone who grew up in the attitude era and someone who loves women wrestling this is something I have to voice my opinion on.

This past Monday HHH was a guest on Steve Austin’s podcast exclusively on the WWE Network. Many subjects were brought up and I highly recommend you watch it if you haven’t. However the subject that I want to discuss is the matter of former WWE diva Chyna ever going into the Hall of Fame.

Austin straight up asked HHH if we would ever see Chyna in the HOF to which HHH responded “It’s not just as easy as should this person go in the Hall Of Fame. She’s a paradigm shifter, changed the business, did what no other woman had ever done before. All the other stuff that happened, happened, and I don’t need to get into any of the other stuff,” Triple H continued, “there’s no beef on this side.”

He then went on to give an example of his daughter who is 8 hearing the name Chyna and saying “Chyna I don’t know who that is let me look her up” and then if you were to look her up you would find inappropriate things.

Now for those who don’t know Chyna real name Joan Marie Laurer once had a career in porn and that’s obviously what HHH was referring too.

Earlier on our site a story was posted about Vince Russo defending Chyna in which he states that since then Joan has turned her life around, and she regrets those choices. At the time they were made she was in a bad place in her life.

Now here’s how I feel about the situation. I can understand where HHH is coming from but if that’s the case a lot of the inductees of the HOF shouldn’t be in there either. I mean Mike Tyson is a convicted rapist, X-pac was one of the people in a porn video with Chyna, and so on and so forth.

I may be wrong here but I think the real reason for Chyna not being in the HOF is because of the fact that HHH was in a real life relationship with her which ended after he cheated on her with Stephanie McMahon. This is simply my opinion but for all I know is there’s fear with in the WWE of HHH’s name being slandered.

Let’s face it folks everyone makes mistakes, nobody is perfect. However that shouldn’t be a reason for them to be forgotten about. Chyna did things no other women has done. She’s the only women to hold the IC title and was the very 1st women to compete in the Royal Rumble. She worked with the guys and looked good doing it.

Heck I remember as a kid when I would here “Don’t treat me like a women don’t treat me like a man don’t treat me like you know me, treat me for just who I am” I would know that shit was about to go down. One time she came out with a bazooka and I thought it was the coolest thing I had ever seen.

Joan has yet to share her thoughts publicly on the situation but will be doing so on Friday on Vince Russo’s podcaf

I truly believe the 9th wonder of the world had a career that deserves to be recognized and remembered. She deserves that ring. I would love to see the day she’s inducted and if that day never comes it would be a damn shame.

-Vanessa (@GreatLove91)