Vince Russo Comes To Chyna’s Defense After Triple H’s Comments

Vince Russo has posted a new video blog discussing Triple H’s comments on Chyna from Steve Austin’s podcast. He discusses how she lost her job after she found out that Triple H was started seeing Stephanie McMahon while he was still dating Chyna. He also talks about what Chyna went through after her WWE career including WWE taking her name away and the legal fees she had to pay to keep using her name. He talked about the path she had to take in order to pay her bills including the offer from Vivid to shoot a porn video.

He talked about the toxic relationship with Sean Waltman and then reaching the end of her rope and being driven to a point where she hit rock bottom. Russo noted that she moved to Japan for three years to become a teacher and created a whole new life for herself and during that time stayed out of contact with the United States to start her life over.

Russo said that Triple H could have just said “never say never” when the Chyna question came up. Instead, he says, WWE buries people that no longer work for WWE. “Thank god those jackasses made peace with Jim Hellwig [Warrior] a week before he passed away.”

Russo asked if WWE wanted to do a character reference on the people that are already in the WWE Hall of Fame. Russo noted that the statements purportedly made by Joanie on twitter were not made by her. He said he knows this because he still keeps in touch with her. He said he contacted her. As it turns out, she never saw the interview and only heard of the interview and had no knowledge and did not give approval to post the comments on her twitter account and those twitter comments were made by a guy that posts for her.

Russo said that he did a Skype interview with Joanie Laurer and it will be posted on tomorrow. Joanie will give her feelings on Triple H’s comments about the WWE Hall of Fame. Russo said that she said a lot more that shocked even him and the conversation with her went on for almost 2 hours.

Credit: Greg Beck |